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School Spotlight

Whether you're on your way to the library or stopping by City Hall, chances are you're driving by St. John Vianney School, located in the heart of Brookfield. This blog will provide insight into life and education at SJV, a 4K-8 educational anchor in Brookfield since 1957.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at SJV

With their mascot being “The Shamrocks”, there was sure to be some activity at St. John Vianney School on St. Patrick’s Day.

Students were allowed to dress out-of-uniform and many wore their SJV green and white tie-dyed t-shirts.  The day began with an all-school mass.  

The students in Mrs. Albright’s first grade class made leprechaun traps and set them out the night before. Averaging the size of a shoe box, the kids used chewed gum, lots of glitter, golden coins and glue to try to catch the little green guys. Although none were caught, it was obvious the leprechauns were there and they even left a powder to put into their milk that turned it green.

Because St. Patrick’s Day fell during Lent this year, classes didn’t have their usual St. Patrick’s Day parties. Mrs. Andreucci’s kindergarten class did have a green lunch. Some leprechauns had been in their room during the night and left little leprechaun figurines for the kids.

A highlight of the day for many was the Trinity Irish dancers that came to the school’s gymnasium to perform. No doubt that the Trinity dancer that got the most applause was SJV’s very own 2nd grader, Michael R.  Great job, Michael! Everyone is so proud of you!  The hard shoe dances really got the students clapping and at the end the dancers chose about twenty SJV students to join them on the stage and learn a quick jig.

With such beautiful weather on St. Patrick’s Day, the students were quick to drop their coats on the ground at recess. Driving past the playground, all that could be seen was a sea of green.  I think St. Patrick would be proud of the SJV kids.

Come Experience the Wonders of Wonderland

Have you ever dreamt of a bizarre, mad, alternate world?  It's a place where things you would never expect to talk, talks.  Where can you celebrate your birthday as well as your 364 un-birthdays? It's a magical place where you only play by one person’s rule: the Queen of Hearts.  Don’t be late and join us as we plunge down the rabbit hole into the dream of Alice in Wonderland Jr.! There you will join an experience of a lifetime as Alice goes through many fantastic experiences you would never imagine.

Come and see Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr. presented by our talented St. John Vianney School cast and crew.  Performance dates are March 25 and 26 at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm in the gym. Tickets are $2 for children/seniors and $5 for adults.  

This is a dream like no other, so be there for the musical, Alice in Wonderland, Jr.!

SJV Teams Excel at DSHA Academic Excel-a-Thon

Congratulations to our two Excel-a-Thon teams who competed at DSHA in the academic category on March 18. The 6th grade team consisted of Nicole W, Abby S, Samantha W and Anna Y, who received a 2nd place individual ribbon in 6th grade math. The 7th grade team consisted of Emily G, Kathryn S, Emma N, who received a 3rd place individual ribbon in Social Studies, and Grace T, who received individual ribbons in Science (3rd place), Social studies (2nd place) and Current Events (2nd place). The 7th grade team also picked up a 2nd place team ribbon in Social Studies and a 3rd place trophy for Best Overall Performance.
Congratulations to our two Excel-a-Thon teams!

SJV Forensics Team Took Gold in State Meet

Congratulations to the St. John Vianney forensics team for their huge win in the state forensics competition on Saturday March 27th.  The team competed against approximately 1,200 students from 80 different schools from across the state and won a Gold trophy in the small schools category.   

Eight students competed in various categories, such as Moments in History, Prose, Poetry, Humorous Solo and Infomercial.  After the initial two rounds, four students advanced to the Power Round, where only the top one third of the students in each category compete.  Daniel Siy and Grace Tallmadge both had the honor of wining 1st place in their categories.  In addition, John McCloskey and Allison Uy also advanced to the Power Round after the first two rounds of competition.  Others who participated in the state forensics meet were Anna Davel, Emma Nitschke, Suzy DeGuire and Samantha Windsor.  The outstanding performance of the entire team earned SJV the 5th place honor in the small school category.

The SJV forensics team members include Jenna-Rose Drea, Suzy DeGuire, Anna Davel, Emma Nitschke,  John McCloskey, Daniel Siy, Grace Tallmadge, Allison Uy and Samantha Windsor.  The team is coached by Penny Walther, Erica Lansor and Mary Lopez..

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