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School Spotlight

Whether you're on your way to the library or stopping by City Hall, chances are you're driving by St. John Vianney School, located in the heart of Brookfield. This blog will provide insight into life and education at SJV, a 4K-8 educational anchor in Brookfield since 1957.

Seventh graders at SJV dabble in the stock market

Freeze, ex dividend, assests and dividend yield - don't recognize these terms? SJV 7th graders might be able to help. Under the guidance of math teacher Sharon Kaminski, the students recently completed a stock market project to learn how math relates to investing and business.

Each student chose a company to research, including graphing the company's stock market journey over the past year. Additionally, the students participated in a mock investment of $10,000 and tracked their chosen stock over a two-week period. They presented their findings - and their earnings or losses - in posters to conclude the project.

St. John Vianney students learn about their "choice muscle"

What separates Christians? The everyday choices they make, according to international Christian speaker, Mike Patin, who spoke with St. John Vianney middle school studnets last week as part of the parish's 'Joyful Faith' mission.

The students learned that Christians have a responsibility to make the right decisions. Patin expalined that kids have to use their "choice Muscle" so they develop a habit of making the right decisions in every circumstance, with all types of people, even those they aren't best friends with.

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Oh, the lessons they'll learn! Dr. Seuss ignites students' interest in literature

SJV kindergarten teachers used Dr. Seuss' birthday, March 2nd, as an opportunity to teach the students about several aspects of literature, including the joy of reading, the patterns and rhythm of writing, and what authors and illustrators do, according to K4 teacher Susan Knop.

Students worked with graphs counting images from the books, imagining what they'd keep in their hat if they had a cat-in-the-hat hat, and played games all centered on Dr. Seuss' various children's books.

Mayor Ponto visits St. John Vianney 1st Graders

St. John Vianney first graders had a special visitor on Wednesday, March 6th when City of Brookfield Mayor Steven Ponto took time out of his busy schedule to meet with them at school. Coincidentally, Mayor Ponto read the book 'Mayor LaRue' to the children. He also talked about the duties and responsibilities of his job as Mayor.

Students learn about the life cycle through hatching chicks

In order to help students learn about the life cycle, St. John Vianney K4 teacher, Kathy Andreucci houses chicken eggs in an incubator in the classroom and the students learn about the chicks' development within the egg, how they hatch, and how they continue to grow once they hatch.

Students compared an unfertilized egg to a fertilized one to find out what components of and egg lead to a live chick. As party of the project, the students learn the parts of a chick's anatomy as well as their complete life cycle. Mrs. Andreucci also uses this as an opportunity to teach the students about other farm animals.

SJV students venture under the sea with the latest school play, the Little Mermaid Jr.

by K. Adamson

Thursday and Friday, March 21st and 22nd, SJV students are performing Disney's The Little Mermaid Jr. and all are invited to attend.

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