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School Spotlight

Whether you're on your way to the library or stopping by City Hall, chances are you're driving by St. John Vianney School, located in the heart of Brookfield. This blog will provide insight into life and education at SJV, a 4K-8 educational anchor in Brookfield since 1957.

Recent Happenings at St. John Vianney

The fourth grade students shared their knowledge of the 50 states by participating in the State Fair. Each student wrote a research paper and made a poster displaying the many facts they learned about their assigned state. They enjoyed sharing all they had learned with their schoolmates, teachers and parents.

The seventh grade Life science students dissected the Lumbricus Terrestris of the phylum Annelida to learn more of the structures and functions of segmented worms. Studying the anatomy and body systems of annelids helps us to understand the bodies of higher level organisms. After overcoming their initial squeamish anticipation the students found how interesting and complex a simple earthworm actually is. They began with an external sketch and continued their dissection to identify and label all the internal organs of their specimen.

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