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Located in the heart of Elm Grove, St. Mary’s Visitation School provides exceptional academics and faith formation for grades K3 through 8.

St. Mary's Visitation - First Holy Communion, 6th grade girls high school academic challenge

Here's the latest from St. Mary's Visitation School in Elm Grove -

First Holy Communion Celebrated on Sunday, May 6th at St. Mary's Visitation Church.  Congratulations to our second graders!

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St. Mary's Visitation wraps up another great year of learning and adventures!

St. Mary's Visitation School

What a great year!  We had one of the best school year's ever at St. Mary's Visitation.  We love our principal, Mrs. Mary Tretow and we had a school year filled with academic achievements and loads of fun.  Thank you Mrs. Tretow!!!

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