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School Spotlight

Whether you're on your way to the library or stopping by City Hall, chances are you're driving by St. John Vianney School, located in the heart of Brookfield. This blog will provide insight into life and education at SJV, a 4K-8 educational anchor in Brookfield since 1957.

Second Graders to Receive First Communion This Weekend

Congratulations to all the second graders at St. John Vianney Parish who are making their First Communion this weekend.

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Bring Your Aluminum Cans to SJV Next Weekend to Help Make-A-Wish Foundation

As the second graders are treasuring their memories from making their First Holy Communion last weekend, the week ahead is busy as ever at St. John Vianney school.

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Then End of the School Year is a Busy Time at St. John Vianney Parish School

The school year may be close to an end, but things are busy as ever at St. John Vianney School. Among the many exciting activities planned, this week, the 8th graders are going to Chicago, the 5th graders are visiting the Historical Society, the 7th graders will tour Madison and the 2nd graders are going to the zoo!

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