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School Spotlight

Whether you're on your way to the library or stopping by City Hall, chances are you're driving by St. John Vianney School, located in the heart of Brookfield. This blog will provide insight into life and education at SJV, a 4K-8 educational anchor in Brookfield since 1957.

St. John Vianney string orchestra records CD to help feed the hungry

Under the guidance of string orchestra director, Maria Gesiorek, the St. John Vianney and St. Dominic's advanced string orchestra recorded a CD to raise money for feeding the hungry in Milwaukee. The meals are coordinated by the Agape Community Center in Milwaukee. The sales of past CDs have provided funds for some 20,000 meals for the hungry in our area.

St. John Vianney 5th graders learn about commerce at Hartford's Buckskinner's Encampment

The St. John Vianney 5th graders traveled back in time to Wisconsin's own Buckskinner Encampment in Hartford in order to learn about life in the 1700s and 1800s as part of their Social Studies work. They learned about trade practices such as fur traders, cooking, blacksmith, quill working and much more. As a follow-up to the fieldtrip, the students created their own goods and sold them at a market at school.

Four-year-old kindergardeners at St. John Vianney indulge in culinary art

The K4 students in Mrs. Andreucci's class at St. John Vianney spent some time learning about colors. They created their own edible paint and decorated pieces of bread. The kids toasted the bread, added some butter and feasted on their colorful creations. They also used food coloring and frosting to create a rainbow of edible color. These are just some of the examples of how the St. John Vianney 4-year-old kindergarten exposes kids to learning in a fun and engaging way.

First graders visit the Village of Greendale

St. John Vianney first grade teachers Jenny Williams and Melissa Klement spent a day with the kids at the Village of Greendale. The students learned about goods and services, worked on map-building skills, enjoyed the village's beautiful English gardens and sampled sweet treats from the local malt shoppe.

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