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For more than 75 years, Easter Seals Southeast WI has been offering help and hope to children and adults living with disabilities, and to the families who love them. Through therapy, training, education and support services, Easter Seals creates life-changing solutions so that people with disabilities can live, learn, work and play.

Resources for Your Home

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The old saying goes, "there is no place like home."   Home is our centering point.  It gives a sense of being, a sense of place, full of memories from holidays, birthdays and celebrations gone by.    After a long vacation or absence from our homes that first step in feels so good.  We want to stay in our home and in our neighborhood, but that can be taken from us if we are not prepared.

Unfortunately, too often when we remodel our homes, we focus cosmetic changes like paint color, furnishings and textures.   We focus too little on making our homes accessible.  Especially as we age, it is important to consider how can I make my home easier to live in should I or a loved one lose some of our mobility?   It happens far too often that the front stairs of someone's home can form a permanent barrier to moving back home after a fall or accident.

But, we can look ahead and plan for the future.  Easter Seals has some great resources with helpful suggestions when remodeling and even tips for preventing falls.   

Some Tips:

  • Buying an appliance with knobs on the front, so you do not need to lean over an oven.
  • Avoid adding new stairs or steeper inclines
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom
  • Widen doorways to 32 inches or more. 
  • Choose "low pile" carpeting

For more tips:

Or go to and click on "Explore Resources"

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