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Practically Speaking

Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

New book: The Obama Nation

Elections, Obama 2008

The Obama Nation, a book by Jerome R. Corsi Ph.D., comes out today.

The author was on Sean Hannity last night plugging it. Corsi mentioned Obama being marketed as the next Neo from the Matrix movies--you know "The One." I thought that was an interesting idea since his campaign "borrowed" slogans from other celebrities.

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Happiness is a homegrown tomato

Gardening, Just for fun!, Living well on less $

It sure took long enough. I planted earlier than other years, and my tomato plants looked great. Yet those green tomatoes just would not ripen!

I suspect cool night temperatures are to blame--tomatoes need it warm at night to ripen properly.

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*Happiness is a trailer and a hitch, or fun times at the recycling center

City of Brookfield, Gardening, Going Green, Just for fun!

One of the first things we purchased when we moved here was a utility trailer. What do we need that for? I asked my husband. He said we would need to to haul brush to the dump. (Back then we still called it the dump.) He did use it for that purpose...a lot.

In 1995 I became the one to go to the recycling center. We were remodeling and in 1995 the center still allowed residents to bring in their used building materials.

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Tomatoes and garlic salad Italian style

Good food / recipes

Growing up, one of our favorite summer meals was sweet corn, Italian bread, maybe some tuna fish, and tomatoes and garlic salad. It was a very simple supper, but it sure tasted good!

I still make this marinated salad just like my Italian grandfather did--with homegrown tomatoes (or from the farmer's market), garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. It is very simple to prepare. If you like tomatoes and garlic, give it a try.

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Email tags and a bumper sticker

Elections, Just for fun!

You see a lot of bumper stickers on cars. Some are quite funny; some cruel. This one isn't a bumper sticker yet, but I suspect I will see it: I thought it was a clever play on a campaign slogan. (It was an email post script tag.)

NObama 08, Keep the Change!

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Gas prices fall and so does interest in small cars

Economy, Energy

According to Wednesday's USA TODAY Money section, the slight fall in gas prices has already influenced the type of car people are looking at.

It seems that now that the heat is off, rising gas prices wise, so is the interest in small cars.

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"...and up from the ground come a bubblin' crude"

Energy gas calculator gas prices fall 

You can get this cancer preventing vitamin for free  Goodbye Cancer, Hello Sun Exposure?

Save 10% on gas with the "Melchert Plan"

Conservatives, Elections, Energy, Ethanol, Legislation

Last May I told you about Randy Melchert, candidate for the Wisconsin State Assembly--24th District.  Although that is not my district, his "Melchert Plan" to lower area gasoline prices by 10% is appealing. I don't have to live in the Menomonee Falls/Germantown area to be in favor of that! 

From his website:

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Would you spend $3.5 million with 20 yr payback for electricity making gizmo?

You would if you were the energy company in the state of Minnesota or Wisconsin or you were TBoon Pickens

Each Vespar windmill costs $3.5 million. Payback is 20 years, not including repairs and maintenance. Wind generators are made in Japan and shipped in via Great Lakes 

Tough choices for Elmbrook Schools

I couldn't believe my ears. Gary Jones was saying, one way we could save several million right now would be to not put air conditioning in the high schools. we won't be able to turn them on in a few years.

 Dave ross said heating costs would be higher this winter, Allgiaer made a list of tough choices and the words "closing a school" were uttered more than once.

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Halmark not responsible for the decision to make gay wedding cards. Consumer demand made us do it. It's not our agenda, consumer demand prompted that decision. Reminds me of the old Richard Prior, the devil made me do it.

Consumer demand makes the decision? You have no standards yourself? What if consumer demand requested a adult size tuxedo and a child sized on on the front of the card? Would consumer demand let you off the hook then too? 

Look out Popeye, spinach might be irradiated! 

King corn's ethanol reign not quite as secure

Dr. Gibson flirts with 4K again to cure Elmbrook's budget woes

4-K, Education, Elections, Elmbrook, H. Clinton 2008, Obama 2008, TAXES

Last night I caught a bit of the July school board meeting on cable TV*. The board was discussing Elmbrook's coming budget woes and the difficult decisions our district needs to make to keep our schools operating within budget. (Unfortunately, I missed at least the first half of the meeting, but I will watch again and take better notes.)

Glen Allgaier had created a list of cost saving possibilities--none of them an easy choice. The list included the unpleasant prospects of closing a school and increasing class sizes. The idea was we needed to dramatically cut spending in order to meet our financial obligations. There seemed to be agreement that drastic measures were necessary.

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Obama Biden ticket AP Obama taps Biden to be running mate   announcement of Biden, good background info from the AP, Analysis: Biden pick shows lack of confidence 

Catholic group not happy with Biden V.P. pick

Culture, Elections, Ethics, Obama 2008, Religion

I am a little puzzled by this statement, since the Democrat's presidential candidate and platform are pro-abortion too.

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Future topics: FCC and election picks


FCC and Indecency

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Passing the buck to future generations


So, why do we need change? 

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The softer side of Michelle Obama

Elections, Obama 2008

So, Why do we need change? 

I listened to Michelle Obama last night. She spoke about how she and Barack came from humble roots. No trace of her for the first time I''m really proud of my country attitude. She did a nice job, but her persona last night was quite different from the Michelle of the campaign trail.

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Wallace & Gromit make new movie and now are fashionplates?

We have been Wallace & Gromit fans for years. I even had a Wallace & Gromit alarm clock. Instead of an annoying buzzer, it woke me with Wallace's voice saying, "Morning Gromit, Time for walkies." Somehow it made waking early a little easier.  Wallace & Gromit make new movie and now are fashionplates?

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An enthusiastic Hillary talks about...Hillary!

Elections, H. Clinton 2008, Obama 2008

I caught some of the Democratic convention last night. It was Hillary's big night. The video before she spoke was very well done and I think candidates will be using that medium more and more.

Finally it was Hillary's turn. Would she unify the party? She opened with,

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Compare the candidates

Subject: See how the outcome of this election would affect all of us...
Favors new drilling offshore US Yes No
Will appoint judges who interpret the law not make it Yes No
Served in the US Armed Forces Yes No
Amount of time served in the US Senate 22 YEARS 173 DAYS
Will institute a socialized national health care plan No Yes
Supports abortion throughout the pregnancy No Yes
Would pull troops out of Iraq immediately No Yes
Supports gun ownership rights Yes No
Supports homosexual marriage No Yes
Proposed programs will mean a huge tax increase No Yes
Voted against making English the official language No Yes
Voted to give Social Security benefits to illegals No Yes
0% on home sales up to $500,000 per home (couples). McCain does not propose any change in existing home sales income tax.
28% on profit from ALL home sales. (How does this affect you? If you sell your home and make a profit, you will pay 28% of your gain on taxes. If you are heading toward retirement and would like to down-size your home or move into a retirement community, 28% of the money you make from your home will go to taxes. This proposal will adversely affect the elderly who are counting on the income from their homes as part of their retirement income.)
15% (no change)
39.6% - (How will this affect you? If you have any money invested in stock market, IRA, mutual funds, college funds, life insurance, retirement accounts, or anything that pays or reinvests dividends, you will now be paying nearly 40% of the money earned on taxes if Obama becomes president. The experts predict that 'Higher tax rates on dividends and capital gains would crash the stock market, yet do absolutely nothing to cut the deficit.')
MCCAIN (no changes) OBAMA
(go back to pre-Bush taxes)
Single making 30K - tax $4,500 Single making 30K - tax $8,400
Single making 50K - tax $12,500 Single making 50K - tax $14,000
Single making 75K - tax $18,750 Single making 75K - tax $23,250
Married making 60K- tax $9,000 Married making 60K - tax $16,800
Married making 75K - tax $18,750 Married making 75K - tax $21,000
Married making 125K - tax $31,250 Married making 125K - tax $38,750
Under Obama, your taxes could almost double
Next Page
- 0% (No change, Bush repealed this tax)
OBAMA Would bring back
the inheritance tax
Many families have lost businesses, farms, ranches, and homes that have been in their families for generations because they could not afford the inheritance tax. Those willing their assets to loved ones will only lose them to these taxes.
New government taxes proposed on homes that are more than 2400 square feet.
New gasoline taxes (as if gas weren't high enough already)
New taxes on natural resources consumption (heating gas, water, electricity)
New taxes on retirement accounts, and last but not least....
New taxes to pay for socialized medicine so we can receive the same level of medical care as other third-world countries!!!
You can verify the above at the following web sites: <>
<> <>
<> <> <>

Have a Harley? Love bikes? Stop in at HOT TOPPERS

Interesting places, Just for fun!, Special events

They come from all over the country; people from all walks of life--from Rich Urban BikerS (RUBS) to hardcore bikers. The one thing they have in common is that they love their machines. Customizing is part of the love affair. I snapped this picture near Sturgis, South Dakota early in August. Many bikers, just like this couple, are coming to the Milwaukee area for the 105th anniversary celebration of Harley-Davidson. (Yes, that is a coffin shaped trailer.)

I found out about HOT TOPPERS from my Brookfield friend. She is a friend of Elm Grove residents Maureen Denney and Bob Lundquist, the owners of HOT TOPPERS. They needed my son the techno-doctor to pay a house call to HOT TOPPERS, to repair their 2 Harley themed pinball machines. When he returned, I asked him, What do they sell there?  He really could not tell me. Hmmm. I had to check this out for myself, and I am really glad I did! What an interesting place.

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Poverty rate: Waukesha County low: 4%, Milwaukee high: 24.4%


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Elmbrook School Board will approve HG&D (sex-ed.) curriculum after all 

Elmbrook School Board must approve sex-ed curriculum 

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Bush years compared to Clinton years

Denver Recreate 68 protesters have bags of ....what?

My friend in Denver emailed that the nutty protesters were out enforce. I was thinking she was referring to some pro life group? Nope. She described them well... I hope y'all take some time to watch this. So far it has gotten kudos as
being one of the best organized political conventions, city-wise. Meanwhile,
the idiots who think they have something worth protesting have not generated
much attention.

Selective amnesia, convenient memory, and rose colored glasses abound at convention

I think we all expect the rose colored glasses view of a party's candidate at a convention, but last night crossed the line in my opinion.

President Clinton was definitely "on" last night and talked as if American had the best economy and foreign policy of all time under his leadership. Guess he forgot that the economy was already in a downturn before the 2000 election.

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Holding my breath in preparation for holding my nose

Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

(See updates at bottom of post)

The word is, John McCain will declare his running mate tomorrow. I have come to terms with voting for McCain. To quote a colorful little saying of my father's, "He's a little better than the average...but the average ain't so good these days." The more I find out about Obama, the better McCain looks.

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Obama speech

 Where was Al Frespoonsibley,ore in al of this or the subject of Globval warming for that matter? Since when are Dembocrats in favor of nuclear, coal (clean or otherwisxe) natural gas? the 10 year challenge, ala JFK, is a fantasy . Where are the environmentalissts in all of this? They did not want any type of carbon based fuels. I could hear

get out of iraq  respojnsibly, that was Bush's stance and MCcCains all along, wasn't it?

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1984 in 2008 Portland

Urbanist vision of perfection: No growth beyond the prescribed city boundary. Stay in the gulag! Shades of George Orwell's predictions. Buidings must be dense. Guess my single family home on 1 acre would be out. jay weber

Our VP's nickname was Sarah Barracuda

Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008

"She's a female Teddy Roosevelt" a caller told Jay Weber today, as I was listening for the latest VP news. That sums it up well.

Sarah Palin seems a perfect complement to McCain: Young, energetic, a governor, pro-marriage, passionately pro-life. She is a life long member of the NRA, hunts and ice fishes.

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BC(2) can't pay their Elmbrook Astroturf bill now but has sights on more?


I hate to drop you off of your conservative 'cloud nine', but did you read the article: "BC(2) needs help with field" at

The fact that they did already pay more than $250K is significant. But the fact that they're still $150K behind and already out of gas is the stopper.

I think that it would be interesting to know about the group - legally formal or informal - as well as the nature of their 'agreement' with ESD - written legal document, handshake, peace-pipe smoke with Dr. Matt, etc.

The real stopper in the article was the last sentence which begins: "Reichert said the group has plans for additional projects at Central, including a synthetic-turf baseball field...".

Assuming that they do eventually pay off their share of the Astroturf, wouldn't you think that their next project ought to be "Intense Group Therapy and reality recognition"?

An avid reader,

MSNBC crossed the line

Conservatives, Elections, Ethics, McCain 2008

Last night, Bill O'Reilly was hot under the collar about MSNBC's coverage of McCain's Sarah Palin VP pick. Here is the YouTube clip.

MSNBC really crossed the line by adding the caption, "How many houses does Palin add to the Republican ticket?" under their breaking news bulletin of the event. I also agree with O'Reilly that Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams bear some responsibility here too. By appearing on MSNBC, they lend credence to this type of snide reporting.

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