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Practically Speaking

Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

To Spend All of the Referendum's $62.2 million or Not? That Is The Question

Elmbrook 2008 Referendum, TAXES District urged to contain referendum costs may 28


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We Were Told Minute Man Missles Saved the Day

Obama and high tech 

Cap-and-Trade? Maybe It Should Be Called Cap-and-Raid!

Energy, Environment, Going Green, Government / Bureaucracy, Legislation, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, Unintended consequences

Last night I heard Senator Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) on the Mark Levin Show.  They were discussing S. 2191, the Senate "Lieberman/Warner Global Warming Bill and the disastrous effect this would have not on just the country as a whole, but the individual." (My emphasis throughout post.)

Wall Street Journal referred to Cap-and-Trade as Cap and Spend

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Kohl, Feingold, and Doyle 's reaction to GM Closing Janesville Plant

THE ECONOMY, Unintended consequences

The big news today is that GM will be closing the Janesville plant that makes SUVs.  This is not a huge surprise considering gas prices as they are. It does seem drastic considering some SUVs get fairly good gas mileage. Plus some businesses and individuals need a truck or SUV for towing or hauling purposes.

What is surprising to me is Senators Kohl and Feingold and Governor Doyle acting like they bear absolutely no responsibility in creating an economic climate unfavorable to manufacturing and large vehicles.

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In praise of Aldi's AND Trader Joe's: Wish We Had Both!

Development, Entrepreneurship, Living well on less $

Poor Aldi's*.  The Town of Brookfield Plan Commission squelched their plans for a new store. One of the reasons cited in the Community Watch post was that, "Some members of the Plan Commission said they were wary of the discount grocer's reputation and the type of customers and tenants the store would attract to Bluemound Plaza..." (near Best Buy)

Was that criticism warranted?  Just who is an Aldi's customer?

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Ford Has A Better Idea: Export Manufacturing to Non-Green Countries

Energy, Environment, Going Green, Government / Bureaucracy, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, Unintended consequences

Sunday we returned from a few days in Dearborn Michigan touring the Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village, and The Rouge Ford Factory. The Rouge Factory Tour was new to us. There was Bill Ford, the great grandson of Henry, up on the BIG screen telling us how Ford created this new Rouge factory to be friendly to the environment.

Much like our proposed Fountain Brook Crossing, The Rouge Ford Factory* has Gone Green. The roof is a garden roof, planted with sedum plants to absorb the rain water. They are increasing plantings wherever possible on the grounds; nets are strung up on the factory exterior for climbing vines.

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Wow! What a rain and other musings

Just for fun!, Unintended consequences, Water

It has been a while since we had a rain like this morning's. Guess I won't be gardening today. But that is OK, we needed the rain.

If you have ever been on a private well, rainy days don't always get you down. Remember the drought of 1988? (I remember the year because I was pregnant.) It did not rain all summer it seemed. Because we were worried about our well going dry, no one had to tell us to conserve water. We did not go on our usual summer camping trip but delayed until Sept. Often we joke we were the drought busters that summer because while camping, it rained so hard it collapsed our tent! (Oh, that was fun.) But the drought was over and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

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VK Development's "Farm Neighborhood": Residential, Commercial, & High School

City of Brookfield, Development

VK: He's here (Ruby Farms), he's there (Florida), he is everywhere! (Pleasant Prairie)

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Streambank is sadly lacking in Skunk Cabbages


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Obama calling the kettle black

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, TAXES

The big election buzz this week was Obama became the nominee.

I could not listen to his entire speech, but this part caught my attention:

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Remember MTB and ethanol originally were anti-pollutant additives

 MTB caused ground water pollution. so we switched to ethanol to lessen pollution in certain areas. Now ethanol has been shown to not lessen pollution, in fact, it increases it. So why do we still have it?

Shopping Aldi's 101: B.Y.O. B, Q, and C & New Location News

Living well on less $

Want to shop at Aldi's? Here is a primer. B, Q, and C stand for Bags, Quarter, and Cash. Better bring your own.

BAGS: Aldi's does not supply free bags. You can either use the cardboard cartons they have laying around the store, purchase their bags, or bring you own. Or, you can take your cart out to your car and pile the lose things in without any bag or box. It is up to you.

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Oops, "Clinton, Osama meet to discuss unity" boo boo?

Elections, H. Clinton 2008, Just for fun!, Obama 2008

What's in a name? Plenty.

In case you missed this, the Friday edition of the Detroit News printed this headline, "Clinton, Osama meet to discuss unity"

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Brookfield's Rainwater Woes, Flooding & Don't Drive Through Deep Water!!!

City of Brookfield, Weather

We're not out of the woods yet with the storms and flooding. As I am writing this at 2pm, it feels and looks like it could let lose again. Some areas in Brookfield experienced serious flooding yesterday. I noticed today the creek next to Pilgrim Road across from Wirth Park had roaring white caps! Some places were still under water today too: Pilgrim Road was closed by Pilgrim Park Middle School. If it rains heavily again today, there will be more. (Monday road closure update)

I saw this back-ho at Kinsey Park Pond just before 2pm  today. Yesterday at around 7:30pm the pond was up over the banks and completely flooding Elm Grove Road. I think this was due to the debris washed down from the woods creek and possibly blocking the pond outlet drain? 

Please be aware that the road conditions and area flooding do cause problems besides wet basements.

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VK's Percheron Square a.k.a. Ruby Farm Proposal Heads to Plan Commission Monday, 7pm

City of Brookfield, Development

I hate to admit it, but it took me a while to figure out why VK Development would name the Ruby Farm/WTMJ project Percheron Square. The light bulb finally lit. (Somehow I thought the Ruby Farm horse barns housed Belgians instead of Percherons.)

Alderman Jerry Mellone, 6th District Alderman, sent out this email reminder today:

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National Health Cannot Act Swiftly 

No Surprise, Percheron Square PDD Passed First Hurdle, or Should I Say Jump

City of Brookfield, Development

I got back from the Plan Commission Meeting 30 min.ago. Dan Ertl spoke for a long time, then Ajay Kuttemperoor made the presentation for AVS Development.

The question of connectivity came up because Patrick Blvd. probably will not be able to connect to Percheron Square. It would need to traverse the neighbor's wetlands and DNR approval is doubtful. Sara Lane is probably out too. That would need to cross the neighbor's parking lot. Ruby Lane is a no. The school district was not in favor of a land swap. (Phew!)

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UGH, Homosexual Agenda Pushes For Unisex Restrooms

 Welcome mat out for gender-neutral restrooms

I Am Sorry To See Andy Smith Go


This may surprise you a bit, but I am truly sorry to see Andy Smith go. Although he sometimes put the "ick" in public relations*, I was glad he was the Director of Communications for Elmbrook.

Think about it. Why would I want a champion schmooze-master in that role? You know, someone who could smooth the waters or remove all ire or fear from an agitated parent or taxpayer when maybe those emotions were warranted?

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Sign the Petition for Domestic Drilling


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Herb Kohl More Concerned With Ice Than US and the real anwr


Jonah Goldberg's Ugh, Wilderness  The horror of "ANWR." the American elite's favorite hellhole.

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Phew! Lots of Hot Air Stops Global Warming Cap-and-Trade Bill

Energy, Environment, Going Green, Legislation, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, TAXES

Just in case you missed this from the weekend news, the Sunday Journal reported in its Congress Following the Vote column,

GLOBAL WARMING FILIBUSTER  Voting 48-36, the Senate on Friday failed to reach 60 votes needed to end a Republican filibuster against an updated version of global warming bill. Democratic leaders then pulled the bill from the floor, perhaps for the remainder of the year. A yes vote was to advance the bill. McCain and Obama did not vote.

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Homework Keeps Kids Busy, Too Busy For What's Really Important

 Elmbrook homework policy on agenda

The Elmbrook School Board may vote tonight on a new district policy that would limit most homework to no more than 10% of a student's overall grade, while allowing greater grade weight for larger take-home projects.

A 50-member district grading and reporting task force had recommended in May 2006 that most homework not be graded at all - a change that drew criticism and ridicule from some talk radio hosts and bloggers.

Meting out poor grades for early homework assignments while students are learning and practicing new concepts can cause students to give up, believing they can't make up for the low grades with latter work, task force research says.

Once students have time to practice concepts, they should be graded on whether they have mastered those concepts, said Eileen Depka, assistant superintendent for educational services.

Teachers also can make major homework projects more than 10% of a student's overall grades, such as science projects or term papers, under the proposed new policy.

Extra credit can only be awarded for work that is directly tied to the curriculum and not for other class activities such as collecting goods to donate to needy children.

Depka said teachers and administrators have supported the homework changes.

Other task force recommendations, such as moving to a 10-point grading scale (90 to 100 represents an A) from the existing 7-point scale (93 to 100 is an A), and adding extra grade weight to trancripted credit courses offered at technical colleges, have not been implemented.

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Elmbrook's Castoff: Unloved, But Now Loved Again

 Heritage Christian School

Whose Money Is It Anyway?

 McCain, Obama present different views on taxes

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama staked out starkly opposing stances on taxes on Tuesday, with McCain promising corporate tax breaks and Obama pledging tax increases for many.

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Déjà vu: Obama Is Like Having Jimmy Carter All Over Again!

Elections, Energy, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, TAXES


Barack Obama would prefer that most people think he is John Kennedy the 2nd. But where Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country", Obama seems to have an opposite campaign theme: Don't do anything for yourself that the government could do for you.

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Republicans Stop 2 More Bills: Windfall Profits & Alt. Energy Tax Breaks, What's Next?

Energy, Legislation, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, TAXES

The Windfall Profits Tax Bill was blocked by the Republicans Tuesday:

GOP senators shoved aside the Democratic proposal, arguing that punishing Big Oil won't do a thing to lower the $4-a-gallon-price of gasoline that is sending economic waves across the country. High prices at the pump are threatening everything from summer vacations to Meals on Wheels deliveries to the elderly. ...

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Did We Really Need A PDD For Percheron Square?

As you probably heard by now, Percheron Square's plans are  in flux for Brookfield's Ruby Farms , and here, I was thinking they really didn't need a PDD.

After last week's plan commission approval for the former Percheron Square PDD, I spoke briefly with VK himself and Ajay Kuttemperoor out in the hallway. A few of us who attended the meeting were asking Ajay, why all the retail? Don't you think we haveAccording to plans and Ajay,

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Percheron Square: Again, Density is the Problem

City of Brookfield, Development, Elmbrook

The Commission OKs plans for Ruby Farms site.  What I find so frustrating with our Plan Commission is that they grant PDDs and project proposals so easily. Oh, they raise all sorts of questions and concerns, but then vote as if with one "Aye."

Tuesday's meeting was interesting. There were a lot of points the mayor, AVS Development (VK), and commissioners were careful to make. These are not direct quotes, just my impression of the statements.  Watch cable broadcast for exact words:

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web links to look at

Drill! Drill! Drill! Wonder Land

Obama Announces More Taxes On Your Gasoline

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Just What Can You Find At ALDI's? Low Prices For One!

Development, Living well on less $

I have shopped ALDI's for years now. It all started with "Big Tom" ketchup. We were a very brand loyal "Heinz" ketchup family and would not ever consider anything else on a burger. But a bargain hunting uncle of mine loved to shop at Aldi's and he would share the wealth with family. He gave us several "Big Tom" ketchups from Aldi's. Oh well, I can use them in meat loaf or something, I thought.

When we tasted the "Big Tom", it was GREAT! We liked it just as well as the Heinz. Since it was half the price, we converted. That made the 2004 presidential Heinz ketchup boycott much easier to stomach! (Big Tom is now called "Kyder".)

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My Dad, They Call His The Greatest Generation

Aging / Elderly, Family, Holidays

Last week, I watched The Journey of Natty Gann while making some muffins and cleaning up the kitchen. If you have never seen the movie, it is a period piece, set in the early 1930s, during the depression. An out of work widower must choose between staying with his daughter in Chicago, or going out to Washington state for a rare chance to work. He has little choice but to leave the daughter in the care of a floozy of a landlady. Natty, the daughter (14 years old?), runs away from the bad landlady and rides the rails all the way out to Washington. (Many adventures along the way. It ends happily.)

What struck me about the movie was the utter poverty and hopelessness of the great depression and the terrible choices people had to make back then.

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CFLs Cause More Than Just Headaches

 Energy-Saving Bulbs Causing Migraine Headaches

Segway Becomes More Attractive

Energy, Innovation, Just for fun!, THE ECONOMY

Remember the billboards that said IT was coming in 2001? The IT was the Segway, a "two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle that runs on a rechargeable battery." Although Steve Jobs and others "predicted it would change the way people lived," the IT came and at the time, it wowed the public about as much as the Edsel.

But times have changed since 2001. Gasoline prices are now higher--a fill up for our minivan then cost $35, today it can cost $80. People are looking for alternatives.

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Other Claypots websites

Please continue to pray for our co-workers, the Williamsons and the Mankins. Williamsons have had their first language and culture evaluation and they are progressing very well. Pray that the language continues to come quickly for them. You can read their updates at Also, Chad and Janeene Mankins (and kiddos) should have arrived in Madang. Pray for them as they re-adjust to PNG life and prepare to return to the tribe. Read their updates at A

Drilling In the USA

Energy Bakken oil 

"For Your Convenience" Packaging Shrinks, But Not Price

Just for fun!, Living well on less $, THE ECONOMY, Truth

Before we breezed out of town last weekend, I purchased some Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream in what formerly was the half gallon size and tossed it in the basement freezer. (I know ice cream has not been 1/2 gallon for years. It is actually 7 cups.)

While away, my husband spotted a USA Today article he thought was blog worthy: Shoppers beware: Products shrink but prices stay the same It was all about how manufacturers are making the packages smaller but charging the same price as the former full size:

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More "Convenience", Single Serving Sizes At Full Prices

Buy less, pay more. It seems to be a trend.

It first started with the small sized Coke and soda cans in the one serving size. Trouble is, it costs more than the large size. You could just purchase the regular size and throw the rest away. 

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"Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" Is Over

Healthy living

June 19th UPDATE: Tomatoes are still causing a problem. The ill total has climbed to 383. Here is the latest info from the FDA. This link includes a list of states and Florida counties that sell tomatoes NOT associated with the salmonella outbreak. Of course using them would depend on being able to verify where the tomato was grown and trusting that the label was correct. I have enough trouble just finding out if the tomato was grown in the US. (I don't use produce from Mexico or Chile for example.) Many produce managers are unable to tell you where the produce came from. To me, it is a lot simpler and safer just to stick with the tomatoes on the vine and cherry/grape varieties.

Thankfully, tomatoes are back and nobody was seriously hurt--277 people did get sick though. While not an "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", salmonella is nothing to treat lightly. It doesn't seem that there are any real answers as to why this outbreak occurred, but I always wonder if it had anything to do with improper handling.

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Tax "Evil Exxon" More? They Only Paid Same As 1/2 of Taxpayers

Energy, Legislation, Obama 2008, TAXES

Oil companies have made a lot of money and some in Washington think they should get a bigger cut. The Senate recently tried to snatch some of those profits with their attempt to resurrect the Windfall Profits Tax bill. Thankfully, the Senate Republicans stopped that piece of legislation ...for now.

I am sure we will see that tax tried again. After all, Obama is campaigning, "I'll make oil companies like Exxon pay a tax on their windfall profits, and we'll use the money to help families pay for their skyrocketing energy costs and other bills," the Illinois senator said.

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UPDATE: Last Chance to Weigh In on State Global Warming Task Force by today, 5PM

Energy, Environment, Going Green, Legislation, WISCONSIN

Today is your last chance to weigh in on the Governor's Global Warming Task Force.

If you want to give the task force your 2 cents on ethanol, global warming, lifting alternative energy mandates or any other environmental issue the State of Wisconsin will be spending your money on and impacting your freedom to choose, email them now! (You can bet that all the corn farmers, ethanol manufacturers and those who lean Green will be flooding the task force with their point of view.)

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President Asks For US Drilling


FYI:  Neighborhood Information Meeting tonight for Fire Station #3 move 

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Need Proof of Residency to Vote at Elmbrook's Annual Meeting June 23,

Cindy blogged this.

Elmbrook's annual meeting is next Monday, June 23, 7pm, at Brookfield Elementary School's cafeteria, 2530 N. Brookfield Road. Be sure to bring your Wisconsin Driver's license as a valid proof of residency if you plan on voting. You won't need it for the Presidential election, but you sure will need it to vote at the annual meeting. (Sorry, I just had to say that.)

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President Proposes, Congress Disposes, Citizens Petition to Drill Now!

Energy, Legislation, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

President Bush urge[d] Congress to end ban on offshore oil drilling today: (My emphasis)

"Democrats on Capitol Hill have rejected virtually every proposal, and now Americans are paying the price at the pump for this obstruction," Bush said.

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Brookfield's Tale of Two Budgets

 Finance Committee asks for two budgets

The city of Brookfield's Finance Committee yesterday directed the mayor to consider preparing two budgets this fall, one following a list of recommendations from the Finance Department and another that calls for a smaller increase in departments' operating budgets.

The first budget, which would keep city services at the same level as this year, calls for a $35 million tax levy in 2009 - an increase of $1.9 million over 2008 - and recommends that operating budgets for each department be increased by 3.8 percent.

The idea for the second budget came from Fourth District Alderman and Common Council President Mark Nelson, who suggested the committee ask the department heads to present a budget with a 2.8 percent increase in operating expenses.

Fifth District Alderman Scott Berg, chair of the Finance Committee, suggested Finance Director Robert Scott report to the committee at an upcoming meeting to discuss the feasibility of preparing a second budget.

"All You Do Is Sit Back and Collect the Rent," Right Mayor Speaker?

Just for fun!, Mayor Speaker, Unintended consequences

Ah, the joys of rental property. Most people's perception is that you just sit back and collect the rent. Maybe that is what our Mayor Jeff Speaker thought when he ventured into the landlord business? I don't think he is thinking that now. From the article:

Asked why he bought the Milwaukee apartment building instead of one in Brookfield, Speaker said he couldn’t afford one in Brookfield.

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Vive la Contrast

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008

I just heard on the news today (radio) that John McCain said, "Under my administration,  Osama Bin Laden will either be killed on the battlefield or executed." 

I like a little decisiveness as opposed to being wishy-washy, especially when it comes to Osama.

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Yikes, Don't Open Email From

Technology gone awry, WARNING

Someone I know in banking sent me this warning about email appearing to be from*. "If you have received an e-mail appearing to be from - do not open it."

It seems some nasty person has been sending out email that looks like it is from The fraudulent emails hit in boxes yesterday. The subject line might say, "You Have 1 New Message - Classmates".

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Noah Would Have Had Problems Today

 email and photos from creation museum

Silvia & Rocky Make My Day AND Save Me Money

Just for fun!, Living well on less $

Meet our kitchen dynamic duo: Silvia, on the left, and Rocky, on the right. They both make our day begin! (They were named by their manufacturer, Rancilio, not us. We do refer to them by name though.)

I have introduced them to many of my coffee drinking friends, and my duo have always left a very good impression.

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Send a Soldier a Bible and an Email

Darwin's Theory of Revolution


Socialized Oil? Why Would That Be Better/Cheaper?

Because of the action of AFA supporters, our e-mails to Congress are nearing the 600,000 mark and growing!

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Thinking about George Carlin, Dead at Age 71

Bigger picture

George Carlin died Sunday of heart failure. After my initial, Oh (sad surprise), I immediately thought about his infamous Summerfest 1972 performance of the 7 words you cannot say on television. That routine resulted in his arrest for disturbing the peace. I was at that performance with my girlfriends. We were all a little stunned because those words were not part of radio, TV or most movies of the time.

That comedy piece eventually led to a Supreme Court decision "giving the FCC broad leeway to determine what constituted indecency on the airwaves." 

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To Air or Not To Air, That is the $1 Million Dollar Elmbrook Question

Elmbrook, Energy

Elmbrook may tap reserves for projects tonight after the Annual Meeting at 7pm*, at Brookfield El. What are the projects? The HVAC replacement, including air conditioning, at Pilgrim Park Middle School and some SmartBoards for some elementary schools. (*Actually, the budget hearing is at 7pm, the Annual Meeting is at 8pm.)

In an era of rising energy prices, I just cannot justify the cost to convert to and operate air conditioning our schools. I know the majority of Elmbrook voters disagreed with me on that since they just approved the $62+ million dollar referendum for the high schools--a significant portion going toward the air conditioning conversion and air conditioning gym areas. It still seems like a waste of tax dollars to me.

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Question: How Many Dogs Are Too Many?

City of Brookfield, Common sense, Legislation


(Sorry about yesterday's mispost. Don't know how that happened--I wasn't home at the time it was posted!) 

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Gas Leak Causes Evacuation In Southeast Brookfield

City of Brookfield, Unintended consequences, WARNING

We knew something was up late this afternoon. The news helicopters were hovering to the east of us for about a half an hour it seemed.

I was doing yard work and had the radio on, but there was no mention of any bad accident on I-94 (just a block north). What could it be?

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High Oil Prices

High Gas Prices Not Deterring All From Summer Vacations

Keep swinging, you're bound to hit it

Oh, This IS Sickening, Another Reason To Boycott HEINZ!

Alert, Homosexual agenda

I started boycotting Heinz ketchup* during the Kerry campaign. I never went back. I did not want to support a company that was tied to an agenda contrary to my beliefs if I could help it. But now THIS!

Are you ready for TV commercials that push homosexual families as being normal? Heinz is currently running this ad in England.  Watch the ad.  I know there are homosexual families out there, but please don't try to push that this is normal.

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Music From the Heart Raised Over $1,500!

Thanks for the message you sent me last week and sorry for not being able to get back to you earlier. I have been trying to find a few pictures of the concert from our friends (they took the pictures for us that day). I will forward you two of the pictures in another message. Attached please find a pdf file of the report of the Music from the Heart in Milwaukee Chinese Times. There are some English names & numbers and I am sure you will be able to "read" the report, just kidding.
The concert went very well, we raised $1442.00 on May 31. We had 23 programs in all, 21 people (one adult and 20 kids) performed, 15 out of the 20 kids were from Swanson Elementary School. Over a hundred people came and participated the event. We had a reception for the kids and our silent auction and raffle also went well. With the few checks we received after the concert and the total amount came to $1550.00.
Right now, we are working on another fund raising event "Benefit Concert for China After-quake Rebuild and US Midwest Flood Victims" organized by Milwaukee Chinese Community Center which will be held on this Saturday, June 28 at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center (7:00 - 9:00 PM). I am part of the preparation team and the other three members of my family will be performing at Benefit Concert.
Thanks again for all your help!
Have a wonderful summer.
Shan Lu


A Little History Re: What's Happening On Robinwood?

City of Brookfield, Development, Weather

Gravel piles, backhoes, trucks, sewer suckers,  barricades, sewer pipes and huge concrete junction pipes again are familiar sights for those living on Robinwood Street. Seems like the city just did sewer work over there.

Actually, it has been 7 years since the last sewer project. But what is going on now?

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Maybe There Is Hope After All? Pro Amnesty Candidate Ousted & Fence Lawsuit Denied

Things are looking a little more hopeful for those of us who believe America is for Americans and those legally here.  The Supreme Court Denies Fence Lawsuit and a pro amnesty 7 term Republican Congressman lost his primary bid 60 40 to Jason Chaffetz. 


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No Need To Get Up In Arms: Right To Bear Arms Upheld!

Alert, Constitution

The Supreme Court ended their term on a high note today. They just ruled, 5-4, that individuals have the right to bear arms. The D.C. gun ban has been struck down. (Ginsberg, Breyer, Stevens, Souter dissenting)

The 32 year D.C. gun ban was ruled as being incompatible with the 2nd amendment. It in essence leaves all gun rights intact. (H/T Jay Weber announcement)

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Send Some Cheer To Our Troops: Easy As 1, 2, 3

Helping others

1. Last night, Michelle Malkin and Melanie Morgan teamed up to raise money for The Largest Care Package Shipment EVER from MOVEAMERICAFORWARD.ORG  They hosted a Jerry Lewis style live broadcast to raise money for sending gift boxes to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I had this post all written yesterday morning and hit "save" but the screen went blank! Argh. I lost the post and the internet and the phone. (We were getting a Cable TV packaged installed on a super deal--less than what we are paying now for phone and internet.) At 11pm internet was restored (thanks to offspring) and I caught the last minute of the fund raiser. They raised $1,055, 719!!!

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1st Concert Raised $1,550! 2nd Concert For US & Chinese, Saturday June 28, at Sharon Wilson

Helping others

For those of you who were wondering about Shan Lu's Music From the Heart Concert benefit for Chinese quake victims held at City Hall Plaza on May 21, they raised a total of $1,550! Shan wrote:

The concert went very well, we raised $1442.00 on May 31. We had 23 programs in all, 21 people (one adult and 20 kids) performed, 15 out of the 20 kids were from Swanson Elementary School. Over a hundred people came and participated the event. We had a reception for the kids and our silent auction and raffle also went well. With the few checks we received after the concert and the total amount came to $1550.00.

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As Promised: 3, 4, 5 or More Bean Salad Recipe

Good food / recipes, Healthy living, Living well on less $

Since many of you might be needing an easy salad recipe for your July 4th festivities, I thought I better honor my promise from the Aldi's comments to share my 3 Bean Salad recipe. (I will try to post my German Potato Salad and Baked Beans recipes too before the 4th.)

I adapted this recipe from the Victory Garden cookbook years ago. You can make it with just 3 different kinds of beans or add however many you wish. Martha Stewart once had a 10 bean salad, so let your imagination run wild!

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Couldn't Prove It By Me

There is still a lot of talk out there about people scrapping their summer vacation plans 

Auntie Lu's Outstanding German Potato Salad

Good food / recipes, Living well on less $

Good German potato salad is a difficult thing to find. To my husband, there really is no other kind of potato salad, except German. The deli varieties and even restaurant offerings are always a disappointment, but my Auntie Lu's German potato salad, ah, now you are talking delicious!

Auntie Lu has been the potato salad guru in my family for years, but a recipe was illusive. She just made it without a written recipe. Her daughters-in-law, wanting to duplicate her delicacy, finally watched her make it. They measured each ingredient as she put it in, observed the order and timing of preparation, and wrote it down. Thanks to their efforts, even I can make it now. So can you!

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The 4th Branch of Govt. Trumps All

EPA decision last year, 5-4 on 2nd amendment, 

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