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Practically Speaking

Kyle and her husband moved to Brookfield in 1986. She became active in local politics and started blogging in 2004. Her focus is primarily on local issues but often includes state and national topics, too. Kyle looks at things from the taxpayers' perspective in a creative, yet down to earth way, addressing them from a practical point of view.

Economic slump means revenue slump, so cut spending & use resources wisely

City of Brookfield, Mayor Speaker, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

Did you see this article: City may face budget shortfall of $915,000? Revenue sources declining along with economy, director says.  It shouldn't surprise anyone that when the economy is in a downturn, people cut back on spending--either by choice or necessity.


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Cap and trade April 2009

Energy, Follow the money, Going Green, President Obama, Socialism / Marxism, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

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Tomato Tortellini Florentine Soup: Spinach soup even kids like!

Good food / recipes, Living well on less $

This tasty soup concept came from New Orleans via a friend. While visiting relatives there several years ago she was served this delicious soup. Being the great cook she is, she had to recreate it upon returning home. Fortunate me, she shared her recipe. Yum! I make it several times a year.

Whenever I cook soup, I make about 3 to 4 times the amount I need and then freeze the rest. That way, I always have a supply of homemade soup on hand.

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Being "stubborn as a mule" can be a good thing

Conservatives, Just for fun!, Legislation, National Parks, President Obama

Or I could title this post: Of MULES AND MEN

Often we hear figures of speech used to portray a character trait but don't understand the full meaning behind the expressions. Lately, I've heard the trait of stubbornness being associated with the Republicans' resistance to buying into Obama's spending plans and agenda.

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And the winner is....

Education, Elections, Elmbrook, TAXES, WISCONSIN

I was hoping to say everything's coming up roses for Rose Fernandez, but it was not to be. With 91% of the vote in, she is stuck at 43% at 11:30pm.

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Obama's vision of nuke free world shot down by N. Korea missile

Communism, President Obama, Unintended consequences, United States, War

President Obama is getting a taste of what it is like to be a president whose ideas aren't embraced by the rest of the world. While he speaks of a world without nuclear weaponry, North Korea shoots off a rocket! Guess they let us know what they think of a nuke free world! Rather like a big thumbing of the proverbial nose, eh? Saying, "North Korea broke the rules" is hardly going to make the North Korean's quake in their boots!


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This is scary: Obama discussing launch to "chill runaway global warming"

Environment, Going Green, President Obama, WARNING, Weather

Hey, what happened to Climate Change? Guess that crisis didn't fit as nicely into the idea of blocking sunlight?  Notice they are again referring to it as Global Warming instead of Climate Change? Odd, since we are in a period of Global Cooling.


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Easter blessings & Saturday and Sunday services

Holidays, Religion, Special events

Christians the world over celebrate Christ's birth at Christmas time. Good Friday and Resurrection Day, Easter Sunday, mark the completion of His mission on earth.


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Still time to register your comments on Doyle's BIG budget & Tea Parties

Government / Bureaucracy, Health care, Homosexual agenda, Legislation, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, WISCONSIN

If you have been following Governor Doyle's proposed budget at all, you know that it is filled with tax increases, unwanted new government programs, new fees, and a whole host of other overreaching legislation.

According to a JSOnline article, all of these spending measures will result in a $91 dollar or 3.2% property tax increase on the median home in Wisconsin. Since the median home assessment in the state is around $167,000, that means most of Brookfield will see tax increases greater than $91.

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Ants, Grasshoppers, and April 15th Tea Parties - UPDATE

Conservatives, Special events, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, United States, WISCONSIN

UPDATE: See bottom of post for Milwaukee's Tea Party location.


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Great Tea Party Day: Catch Madison's highlights, 7pm TV 30

Special events, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, United States, WISCONSIN

I just got my first report on the Madison Tea Party from a Brookfield lady I have known for years. She said it was phenomenal: Great speakers, lots of energy, fantastic!


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The Tea Party report & photos: local, state, and national

Conservatives, Constitution, Special events, TAXES, THE ECONOMY, United States, WISCONSIN

All over the nation yesterday, average people gathered to peacefully protest taxation without representation at the local, state, and federal level! By all accounts, it seems the Tea Parties were a great success.

Now the challenge is to keep the momentum going. People tend to have very short memories and if the economy improves by 2010, they are likely to be even shorter. A website, has been set up to keep the momentum going by encouraging running for office, learning about how government works and becoming active instead of passive.

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4K spending high: 4th grade reading scores low

4-K, Education, Elmbrook, TAXES

I stumbled on this interesting bit from the Heritage Foundation: Oklahoma: High Marks for Pre-K Spending, Low Marks for Reading Achievement: (My emphasis throughout)

This clearly begs the question: Are all of those kids enrolled in Oklahoma’s prekindergarten program benefiting academically?

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Lest we forget: Holocaust Remembrance Day & Hallmark's Irena Sendler

Helping others, History, Movies & Books, Religion, Terrorism, Truth, War, World News

While many in the world remember the Holocaust on this day, The Day of Remembrance, Iran's President Ahmadinejad spoke before the UN anti-racism conference, spewing his usual Holocaust denial sentiments. Those comments prompted "Dozens of diplomats" from Britain and Europe to walk out. The United States, Israel, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand and Poland did not opt to attend at all, because of concerns that the forum "would be used as a platform for attacks on Israel."


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Possible American extremists according to Homeland Security

Common sense, Conservatives, Constitution, Government / Bureaucracy, President Obama, United States

NOTICE: Brookfieldnow bloggers recently switched to a new software. Until I learn how to navigate, no new posts on Brookfieldnow. I will be posting on brookfield7 however. 

Secretary Janet Napolitano ruffled a lot of conservative feathers when she released her Homeland Security report on taxpayer protest Tea Party day. It certainly got my attention. It also brought attention to the other security alerts regarding right wing ideas.

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Mary Knoll "Weed Out" Saturday, May 2, 2009, 9-12noon

City of Brookfield, Gardening, Helping others, Special events

Yes, it is that time of year again--plants are growing and greening up! Daffodils are blooming; Forsythia bushes are bursting forth with their welcome sprays of golden blooms. Unfortunately, the Garlic Mustard is coming up too. It's time to head over to Mary Knoll Park for the 5th annual Garlic Mustard Weed Out, on Saturday, May 2nd, from 9 am to 12 noon.

Garlic Mustard is a terrible invasive weed that if left alone will completely take over any area it is allowed to grow in. Area residents, Patty Gerner and family, have been been battling this thug at Mary Knoll Park since 1997. Because of her efforts, along with the help of the annual Weed Out teams, the Garlic Mustard is in retreat and the native wild flowers are making a comeback.

I have participated in several of the Weed Outs and always enjoyed them. The work isn't difficult and Brookfield's Park & Rec. Department provides large bags and will dispose of the weeds too. All you have to do is come prepared to work. They will even provide instruction! (Photo is from a past Weed Out)

Do wear your gardening clothes and bring gloves. You might want a kneeling pad or mat and a water bottle. If it is a sunny day (we can hope) you might want a hat too.

Excerpts from the Parks, Recreation & Forestry flier:

Who can participate?

Any interested individual or group
This is an excellent community service project for any
organization, school or church group, family, or private
individual concerned about the environment and the
City parks.

Why participate?

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