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Senior Viewpoint

Dick Steinberg has resided in the city of Brookfield for 35 years. He served 34 years as municipal judge and has been an attorney for 50 years. He enjoys tennis, golf, biking and creative writing, which includes legal issues, sports, government and people.

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City of Brookfield residents, including myself and my senior peers, take pride in our community and everything it offers. We simply are the best.

But the fact is that we all are faced with serious monetary concerns that make it necessary to change our lifestyles and curb our spending. The problem is that city hall does not get it.

In times of a critical financial crisis the spending at city hall continues to grow. Sidewalks at Capitol Drive, High Speed Rail and an increase in the tax levy for mosquito and deer control are examples of non-essential spending which is a monetary burden to the taxpayers. In better times these and other improvements add to the quality of life. Now, the quality of life for average residents depends more on the basics like food, clothing, shelter, medical bills and little left over for luxuries and entertainment.    

Right now city hall leadership is dazzling us with numbers, theories and projections that boggle the mind and divert our thinking into  what they want us to believe.

If we follow the yellow brick road we will find ourselves in a land of fantasy that we can no longer afford.

The efforts of city hall leadership have no bad purpose other than to believe that their ideas are for our best interests(and theirs). That is not unusual in  government today and might work elsewhere, but not on our land. Yes, the residents own the land and finance city government but have no voice in the recent spending for non-essentials.

This is certainly not the fault of the common council members whose compensation is not commensurate with their endless work. Like all citizens, they must rely on city staff.

This is my viewpoint and I believe to be the senior viewpoint. Of course, people will disagree and be complacent with the status quo. WE are a community of diverse opinions and respect should be given to all. 

In my humble opinion, the 2010 city budget will set a precedent for our future.     

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