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Senior Viewpoint

Dick Steinberg has resided in the city of Brookfield for 35 years. He served 34 years as municipal judge and has been an attorney for 50 years. He enjoys tennis, golf, biking and creative writing, which includes legal issues, sports, government and people.

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These are my thoughts on the Sports Spring 2014 update. BUCKS: The sale was no surprise because Herb Kohl is a man of honor and loyalty and did what he said. The investments in the millions for a new venue are commendable but may fall short in the end. Many factors are significant such as the real need for a pro basketball team and the political success of the public sector for the financing. These new owners and Kohl are keen business people and surely have a plan. The upside is that any pro sport is an economic asset to the community. Of course, it always helps to have a winner. BREWERS: So far so good. The starting pitching rotation is as good as it will get. Relief pitchers come and go and will as the season continues. The defense is much improved and will be a valuable tool in winning close games. What worries me is the slow start by LF Khris Davis who has yet to convince he is a star of the future. There are some good out-fielders in the system who are waiting in the wings. There is a need to make a move with Weeks to open up a roster spot. Go Brewers. PACKERS: The signing of Matt Flynn gives them security at the back-up QB position and will allow Rodgers to take a break now and then. Center is a critical gap to fill but so far it is an open question. All in all the Pack will be an explosive offensive team with a potent run and pass game. The draft may help to fill in some holes in the defensive secondary and offensive line. There are some good ones out there waiting to be picked. The Central Division is weak so the Pack can win and get into the playoffs. UW/WISCONSIN BADGERS:In the entire history of Wisconsin sports there is no equal to Bo Ryan as a coach. He is consistent, steady and persistent to make his system work. The future is bright for another run for the money. UW BADGER FOOTBALL: There will be some completion for starting QB but the running game will get the results. This may be a running game with speed never seen before. The Badgers will score often but the question is whether their opponents will do the same. GOLF: The local golf courses need some modern updating in the pro shops and restaurant/bar facilities, such as in sports bars. Continuing grooming of the greens and fairways and improved sand traps are a must. The seniors and disabled deserve to be treated with more respect and attention to their needs.


The 2014 Brewers are hot to go. The season's start may not be the final answer but some final questions are in the making. Pitching has been the best in many years. The starters are quality and the relievers are quantity. This pitching staff rates second to no other team in our division. Go Brew Crew.


The quality of the Referees in the final four game was an insult to the Badger Pride and the way they played the game. Bo Ryan's teams always play hard, but they play fair. Their is a huge difference. Play after play the referees were uncertain about fouls and penalties. They relied on instant replay to do their job. Even then they got it wrong. While millions watching TV saw an intentional foul after play ended, the referees would not agree with millions that the Wildcats were just that. Wildcats on the loose hoping the referees would forgive them as freshmen for using illegal cheap shots at the nice guys from Madison who play the game hard and fair. Several times the Badger point guard, who knew the play in advance, got himself in position only to have a referee out of position to punish the Badger guard for blocking. You have to give credit to the Badger Pride for not being more aggressive in their game and in their reactions to the tainted calls. The referees are going to become worse as they rely on instant television to blame for their tainted calls. Moreover, it would help if the referees had a meeting with the teams before the game and explain how they perceive the rules for fouls. Cudos to Bo Ryan and his boys who will grow up to be men with pride. Badger Pride rules that we won. note: As a college scholarship player I speak from experience. If you valued your life you never banged another player without apologizing and convincing the it was an accident.


Now that the elections are over and the winners can relax for another 4 year term (Mayor and Aldermen)the issues that they promised to resolve are still unresolved. REDUCE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT. In every election every candidate agrees one thing: that the size of government must be reduced. This has been the conservative theme for ages. The City of Brookfield has not done one darn thing to keep their promises. That includes the elected and non-elected officials. The issue has never to my knowledge has been on the agenda for an open discussion and a vote. The city has 14 Aldermen/women. That is a huge number of people in a city of our size to govern over us. That is more than the size of department heads, city staff, municipal court employees and a number of other internal operatives. There has never been a justification for that many Aldermen. Not only are they get salaries, but they get certain perks and assistance from paid city employees. The Aldermen are members of certain committees that make important decisions. There are no standards, job descriptions or precise duties for them and the bulk of the decisions are made by the Mayor and his staff. The political philosophy promoted by our elected officials is a sham. In short, we still need a common council to conduct business, but not made up of 14 members.


This Wednesday morning I looked out the window and saw 2 cars park across the street and a male and female got out and walked to my neighbor across the street. I left the window and minutes later my doorbell rang and the male held out a paper. I asked if they are licensed by the City of Brookfield to solicit and he said he doesn't carry papers with him and I told him I would call the police. Both people left in their 2 cars and drove away just as I called the police. First, Park and Rec answered and were aloof when I asked to transfer me to the police, then the Waukesha central responders asked what I was calling about, and finally was transferred to a police clerk who asked for my name, address and phone. I gave her my address and a description of the people and their cars. Then I was told an officer can come to my house to speak with me and after I insisted she said an officer would check out the area. of course, it will be too late and the solicitors will be gone. Now, I am very concerned for the safety of my neighbors and the lack of protocol when a citizen reports a suspicious incident. Rather than write this to the City of Brookfield I am posting this for now.(we have a no soliciting sign on the door and this has happened before)

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