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A Women's Health Note

In October I ran an announcement on men's health regarding free prostate cancer screenings and PSA testing that the Medical College was sponsoring.  This time it's an announcement related to women's health.

My mother is eighty-three.  She has osteoporosis and is currently recovering from three compression fractures sustained in  her lower vertebrae.  She was not in an accident and she did not fall.  Because they are so weak and fragile, her bones just broke from normal daily events, like getting out of her shower.  

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zero population

Hunt group, leaving God out of the equation, doom and gloom of the 70s does not come to pass, Russia having procreation holiday, negative growth in Germany, Focus on the Family warning article from 1997 

Ethanol bill: Just what would be a conflict of interest?

Ethanol, Ethics, Going Green, Legislation, Truth, WISCONSIN

First, let me share my response from our own Governor Jim Doyle to my plea to him to oppose the ethanol mandate. Notice how the highlighted statements match rather closely to an email (in bold) from ethanol producer Paul Olsen (Senator Luther Olsen's brother).

"From: Paul Olsen
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 7:43 AM

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The right to choose: HEALTH CARE

Health care, Legislation, WISCONSIN

My State Assemblyman Leah Vukmir sent me the following email today, which I am pleased to share with you.

She and Senator Ted Kanavas are proposing a constitutional amendment that would give us the right to enter into private contracts for health insurance.

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Musings about Super Tuesday and the future


Like many of you, I listened to the Super Tuesday coverage for most of Super Tuesday night. I also had my computer on and clicked on the US map watching the vote totals/percentages as they came in state by state. Of course I was most interested in what would happen on the Republican side in California. Finally, I gave up when they called it for McCain.

There's been much speculation about how conservatives (like me) will vote in November or if we will vote at all. First of all, this is not over...yet. Wisconsin and the other states holding primaries in February just became more important--that is the good news. The bad news is now we must listen to all those campaign ads! 

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Conservatives, what was not to like?


Lancerettes do well


Conservatives, American Dream Summit this Saturday?

Conservatives, Special events

Feeling a little low after this week's Super Tuesday results and Romney's campaign suspension?

Maybe what you need is a little shot in the arm tomorrow at the Americans for Prosperity, Defending the American Dream Summit, February 9, 2008, 9am to 5pm at the Country Springs Hotel. (Just off I-94 in Waukesha, 2810 Golf Rd.)

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The city's in the news

city, Town

There have been several headline making articles about the city lately.

In terms of planning and development, the city is considering annexing vacant land at its northwestern gateway.  The land currently lies within the town of Brookfield.  I met with Dan Ertl, department head, in fall.  At that time Ertl said the city does not actively solicit annexations (that is, it is not the aggressor).  Evidently, though, this additional property would make that portion of the "city's gateway" more viable.

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Asian Invasion

Health and Well-Being, restaurants

On a recent drive down Bluemound, I noticed signs for two new Asian restaurants: Umami Moto and Fujiyama.  Both restaurants are now open

Umami Moto occupies the same building as the now defunct Monsoon restaurant.  I had lunch at Monsoon only once and wasn't very impressed by the "Asian fusion" cuisine.  So, it was with some surprise that I read that Umami Moto will be featuring the "new" concept of Asian fusion.  If Monsoon was supposed to be a Chinese restaurant, this Asian totally missed that.  I'll give this new restaurant a try though, when it finally stops snowing!!

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Wish List

There are any number of red flags that tell us we are getting old.  One of the most tried and true is when you find yourself thinking or saying, "Man - the music kids listen to today is nothing but noise".

Well I'll admit it. I frequently find myself thinking this about much of the contemporary music I hear.  Sometime I will blog on what I believe constitutes good music, why I believe much of today's music is junk, and what I think our youth are missing out on because of it.

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Don't despair


Last week, the City of Brookfield's plan commission held a meeting about the proposed Fountain Brook Crossing development on Moorland & Greenfield Ave.  Billed as the "city's tallest building" and located at one of the many city's "gateways" this structure will generate more tax revenue for the city.  The meeting was a show and tell because the attendees were not allowed to speak.  They were, however, allowed to provide written feedback. Twenty-nine (of the 30) attendees' comments were negative.

Although the city says it listens, the plan commission apparently doesn't.  Its members are Mayor Speaker; Aldermen Mark Nelson, Rick Owen and Gary Mahkorn; Jennifer Donze, Kevin Wahlgren and Paul Wartman.

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The Charisma Factor


Although I've been a registered voter since the age of eighteen, yesterday was the first time that I voted in a primary election for president.  Frankly, I haven't really cared much before, at least at this initial level, but this election excites me on many different levels.  I wanted to do my part to help my pick get on the ticket.  I hope you did too.

As The Spouse constantly likes to point out to me, I am drawn to people who have "presence" on the platform.  That is why I was particularly intrigued by a recent article at, The Charisma Mandate.

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New Restaurant: Cafe Manna


I've been wondering when Cafe Manna, a new restaurant in the Towne Centre, was going to open.   I was particularly interested in what kind of cuisine was going to be featured.  Well, apparently it had its official opening on Monday, and it is a vegetarian restaurant.

Other than Beans and Barley on the East side, I can't think of another vegetarian restaurant in the area.

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The Abolition of Shame

I have been thinking about some of the news stories from Southeastern Wisconsin since the New Year, and while doing so I suddenly thought back to words I will never forget:

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself".

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Last October and November (about seven feet of snow ago), I wrote a two-part series on the coming war over Lake Michigan and the water of the Great Lakes.  Part One dealt with my life-long love affair with Lake Michigan, and tried to put into context the qualitative value it has in our lives.  Part Two dealt with the issue of policy. 

This matter has been and will continue to be more and more in the news.  What has been missing in the debate so far is a rational discussion of conservation.  In my view, this dialogue cannot reasonably take place without a sober evaluation of and hopefully, a change to our wanton ways.

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Huge Book Sale in Elm Grove - March 7-9

Friends of Elm Grove Library, HUGE USED BOOK SALE

There will be a huge used book sale at the Elm Grove Public Library next week.  The 20,000 books, CDs and DVDs and other media have been accumulated by the Friends of the Elm Grove Library - in a small area of the basement.  By Wednesday, March 5, volunteers will have organized and moved the vast collection to two rooms of the library's lower level.  The Elm Grove Library is located at 13600 Juneau Boulevard in Elm Grove, WI. 

Book lovers, avid readers and book collectors will find a huge assortment of books - fiction, non-fiction, children's books, biographies, history books, reference books in all genres as well as an amazing assortment of audio books, used music tapes, CDs, DVDs, books on tape and puzzles for sale.

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Where's My Latte?!

Although I try not to indulge in my favorite "tall, non-fat, easy-whip mocha," after 2:00 p.m., due to the sleepness night that will inevitably follow, for those of you who like your Starbucks in the evening, you only have about another hour left today to get one.  All Starbucks operated stores across the country are closing for three hours, beginning at 5:30 p.m. local time, for some "barista re-education"

Johnny Depp Is Coming!

News, Pop Culture

I have had a crush on Johnny Depp ever since watching my first episode of "21 Jump Street," and now, it has been officially announced that he and Christian Bale will be in Wisconsin to film the movie "Public Enemies." 

Unfortunately, Brookfield will probably not be on the list of filming locales.  Sigh. 

"Nearer His God"

An American icon died today. William F. Buckley passed in his Stamford, CT. home at the age of eighty-two.

Love him or hate him, and millions did both, he was an unadulterated American classic and the founding father of the modern American conservative movement.  High-minded and haughty, he lived a life of staggering pace and achievment, cramming several lives into one lifetime.      

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