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Obama: 2008 - 1984

President Obama, Slipping fast!, Socialism / Marxism

This was a bumper sticker idea I heard on Vicki McKenna's radio show Monday. She was taking listener's suggestions for a whole host of bumper sticker ideas. I was in the car at the time, but I did manage to write down this one. I think it sums up the direction many Americans feel our country is headed toward: Government control of every aspect of our lives.

She will have the many suggestions up on her web page and you can vote for your favorite. McKenna hopes to have some made into bumper stickers in time for the Wisconsin Tea Party on April 15th.

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Obama's Wreck-O-nomics reek havoc: stocks lowest since 1997

President Obama, Socialism / Marxism, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

Today's Dow sunk below 7,000. At present, it is 6,762.98, (down 300 points since opening--I have had to revise 3 times for the worse while writing this post). That is it's lowest point since 1997. (This graph is great; you can slide the indicator at the base to the year you want to see, and slide another one to another date to compare the change in the market.)


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Not the Party of NO, but possiblities

A Republican Road to Economic Recovery

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Walker, bold enough to say NO to stimulus


Whi Im not lining up for stimulus handouts.

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Stubborn as a mule

Conservatives, Truth, Unintended consequences Republicans are under no obligation to render bipartisan support to this statist coup d'etat. For what is going down is a leftist power grab that is anathema to their principles and philosophy.

ME the republicans stood together against the stimulus in the house and senate, with the exception of 3 who are blue,n ot red

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Where is the scalpel, President Obama?

McCain 2008, President Obama, Socialism / Marxism, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

Angry McCain slams Obama March 2 2009

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Church and State in Brookfield

It was not a good week for liberty, folks.

A wave of social activism masquerading as a stimulus package.................

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The Wisdom of Gandalf

TNT showed Peter Jackson's masterful The Lord of the Rings last weekend, and I watched much of it with our son.  It is a stupendous rendering of Tolkien's mythologically epic tale of the eternal struggle between good and evil.  Only Gone With the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest come to mind as examples of other films that were the cinematic equal of the great literature that inspired them.  Jackson's films underscore the great themes of the ages: courage, friendship, endurance, loyalty, fidelity, duty, patriotism, and the striving to do right.

The film trilogy constitutes nearly ten hours of viewing, and so MANY scenes are memorable.  But there are three that define the film for me.

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A Financial Frankenstein

It's time to talk plainly about the stimulus package.

It is, quite simply, an obscenity. 

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Making grasshoppers out of ants

President Obama, Socialism / Marxism, TAXES, THE ECONOMY

Almost every day we learn of more socialistic programs proposed or passed by our government. I just heard that the housing bill passed the House. By the way, ACORN lobbyists were involved! (H/T Vicki McKenna. Catch her podcast from 10:30 - 11am, March 6th.) Kudos to the House Republicans. They again all voted NO.


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Smack-Down in Whitefish Bay

In November I wrote of a well-inentioned move by the Waukesha County Board to accept a Federal grant to establish a County Drug Coordinator; a beurocratic cipher who will track information on drug use by our young.  I don't criticize the Board - their only choice was to accept the grant or not.  What I lament is the naivete of our belief that some pretentious official working in the confines of the County Building is actually going to make ANY difference in what we so pathetically call our "war" on drugs.

Madison Kiefer was fifteen years old; just a few months older than our precious daughter.  Autopsy results have not yet determined what actually claimed the life of this lovely girl, but it is clear that she used opiate-based drugs, and they were the probable cause of her death.  The community of Whitefish Bay now faces the questions posed by her end, even as those who knew her try and cope with this heart-breaking calamity.

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City's community survey

city, Dousman Stagecoach Inn, Elmbrook Historical Society

If you missed news of the city's Community Survey mentioned in the city's latest newsletter and haven't completed the survey yet, there's still time for your voice to be heardBut you need to act quickly.

If you believe historic preservation in Brookfield is important to you, now is your chance to be heard.  The city has sent out a Community Survey postcard to all residents requesting input about various issues.  The 2035 Task Force would like to know if you want the city to enhance our quality of life by supporting historic preservation here. Please respond positively to questions about civic amenities needing support within Brookfield such as the Dousman Stagecoach Inn.  Preserving, protecting and supporting our heritage will improve our quality of life.  A historic park is just as important as playgrounds, ball parks and libraries, etc.  All of our parks make Brookfield more attractive to residents and visitors.

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Shakespeare on the AIG Bonuses

Bonuses for AIG Executives are all the rage - lliterally.

I will not defend the indefensible - it is an equation that consists of the following:

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Mail a RED ENVELOPE to President Obama on March 31st

President Obama, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion

Several people have sent me emails about this,  The Red Envelope Project.

Red Envelope Project Image

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Final Four for our 8th grade girls!

Our 8th grade girls Green team won last night putting them into the Final Four of the Padre Serra Tournament on Saturday at 11:30am at Mount Mary College.  SJV plays their rival St. Anthony/St. Agnes MF, who they beat in the SJV tourney on a last second 3-point shot a month ago.  Join our fan section tomorrow morning, Saturday, at 11:30am at Mount Mary College and come out to the game with all your shamrock spirit to support our girls.  Go Shamrocks!    


Top 10 Reasons Why I Will NOT Join Facebook

blog stuff, For Laughs, Pop Culture

From the second floor of our house, I was yelling for The Spouse to come and help me with something.  No response.  I called again.  In answer, The Youngest came trotting up the stairs and said, "Dad can't come right now.  He's looking at his face."  Facebook that is.

Awhile back, The Spouse advised me in all seriousness that I should not join Facebook because I would become addicted.  Well, guess who needs Facebook rehab now?

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I'm voting Judge Randy Koschnick on April 7th

Conservatives, Elections, WISCONSIN

Do you want a Supreme Court Justice to apply the law, not make it? To in effect umpire the baseball game by calling the balls, strikes, outs, and plays, not make up new rules as the game progresses?


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Elmbrook's Solo and Ensemble

Saturday, March 14th was a blast.

We volunteered at the Elmbrook School District's Solo and Ensemble, held at Wisconsin Hills Middle School.  Many thanks to Alderwoman Lisa Mellone and to Shirley Dubats who recruited, organized, and directed a small army of community and parent volunteers to staff the event.  Hats off to Jane Peavler for coordinating lunch for a full building, and to the dozens of other parent/resident volunteers.  The Wisconsin Hills PTO supported the event financially, as did several area businesses.  The Fresh Market, Aldi's, Einstein Bagles, Brennan's, and Caribou Coffee, gave generous donations of beverages. money, and good things to eat.  My sincere apologies if I have missed any contributors - I would be happy to add them if I did.

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Springtime in Brookfield

The equinox tells us that it is now spring.  Spring has warm days and cold.  Sun and rain (or snow).  Strong winds or mild.

Sping, to me, is a sign of hope.  It is when tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and other minor bulbs start blooming, and its when suburban streets are cleaned of winter's snow and salt. There's much to look forward to - when the buds on trees begin to swell and then open, when our lawns become greener and when the garden centers begin selling annuals and perennials. 

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Abraham Lincoln

T.S. Elliot wrote in his poem The Wasteland that, "April is the cruelest month".  Our country has never seen a crueler or more pivotal one than April of 1865, as the most horrific conflict in our history ended, a nation stood on the brink of political and social disintegration, and our greatest President was assassinated just as he was to begin his great work of healing and reconciliation.     

I just completed a fabulous biogaphy of Abraham Lincoln entitled Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns Goodwin.   Rivals is superb, bringing the character and times of Abraham Lincoln to life.  

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