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New book: The Obama Nation

Elections, Obama 2008

The Obama Nation, a book by Jerome R. Corsi Ph.D., comes out today.

The author was on Sean Hannity last night plugging it. Corsi mentioned Obama being marketed as the next Neo from the Matrix movies--you know "The One." I thought that was an interesting idea since his campaign "borrowed" slogans from other celebrities.

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Policing the city

city, traffic

The Brookfield Police Department is trying to reduce its fleets gasoline costs.  The solutions: limiting travel (up to 10%) for 7 to 8 squads on each of shift; turning squad engines off (rather than idling) when stopped; having more foot patrols; and staffng two-'man' squads.

Most of these solutions make sense.  But doubling up in squads doesn't seem an effective use of human resources in Brookfield.  Two-'man' squads are generally used in areas subject to more violent crimes - where crowd control is needed.  

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Happiness is a homegrown tomato

Gardening, Just for fun!, Living well on less $

It sure took long enough. I planted earlier than other years, and my tomato plants looked great. Yet those green tomatoes just would not ripen!

I suspect cool night temperatures are to blame--tomatoes need it warm at night to ripen properly.

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Lucius Commodus for President


On June 19th I wrote about the false notion of "obscence profits" in a blog entitled The Latest Rant About Oil.  This posting can be considered part two of that article. 

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*Happiness is a trailer and a hitch, or fun times at the recycling center

City of Brookfield, Gardening, Going Green, Just for fun!

One of the first things we purchased when we moved here was a utility trailer. What do we need that for? I asked my husband. He said we would need to to haul brush to the dump. (Back then we still called it the dump.) He did use it for that purpose...a lot.

In 1995 I became the one to go to the recycling center. We were remodeling and in 1995 the center still allowed residents to bring in their used building materials.

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Shake Your Booty

Health and Well-Being, Local Events

My niece, who is only 2 1/2, thinks it's funny to dance around and then say to me, "Shake your booty."  Last night, I had to tell her that I couldn't because my booty was too sore from exercise class.

I'm still taking Zumba class, and the last 5 minutes of my last session almost did me in.  Here is the update I promised regarding my instructor's new studio in Brookfield.*

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Gluesticks? Check. Erasers? Check....Our Summer Series Continues

Summer Service Series

Lead by former principal Colleen Terry, SJV students and parishioners recently stopped by the SHARE Warehouse in Butler to help the St. Vincent De Paul Back to School Drive .  They sorted and packaged school supplies for children in need for the coming fall!  Our parishioners helped package the FOUR THOUSAND school supply packets that will be distributed around the city!  Soon to be eighth grader Nate Leitermann said about volunteering, "I thought this would be a lot of hard work but it really wasn't and I had so much fun!" 

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The Other Edwards

News, Politics, Writers/Books

By now, you may have read that John Edwards, after vehemently denying tabloid reports of an affair, has admitted that it is true and that it occurred during the time that his wife has been battling cancer.  What a ***. 

I reacted strongly to the admission because I read Elizabeth Edwards autobiography, Saving Graces, last fall, and I found it to be one of the most touching and powerful books that I have read in recent memory.  The original book was published in 2006, when it appeared that her breast cancer had fallen into remission.  A postscript chapter, published in 2007, revealed that the cancer had returned, had spread to her bones, and was now classified as incurable.

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Farmers Market Service Project


Four of SJV's very own 8th graders, Elizabeth Capper, Casey Crooks, Kaitlin Hohl, and Mary Newby, inspired by an annual assignment from Mrs. Schmitt's Social Studies class unit on Social Justice, have coordinated a small fundraiser over at Brookfield Farmers Market.  This fundraiser, to be held this Saturday (August 9th) and next Saturday (August 16th), will benefit the people of West Allis and Waukesha . They will be using the money they raise at the Farmer's Market to buy batteries for the Waukesha and West Allis  fire departments. These fire departments will be giving away batteries to people in need for use in their own home smoke detectors.  

Just another example of our school's efforts to guide our children about social justice, encouraging them to think about what they can do for their community.  The Social Studies assignment was to come up with an action plan of helping a person or a group of people.  Many of the student plans included garage sales, outdoor movie nights, and food drives.  If our eighth graders actually execute their plans, they will receive extra credit in their 8th grade Social Studies classes - not to mention helping people their community! 

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Tomatoes and garlic salad Italian style

Good food / recipes

Growing up, one of our favorite summer meals was sweet corn, Italian bread, maybe some tuna fish, and tomatoes and garlic salad. It was a very simple supper, but it sure tasted good!

I still make this marinated salad just like my Italian grandfather did--with homegrown tomatoes (or from the farmer's market), garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. It is very simple to prepare. If you like tomatoes and garlic, give it a try.

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Email tags and a bumper sticker

Elections, Just for fun!

You see a lot of bumper stickers on cars. Some are quite funny; some cruel. This one isn't a bumper sticker yet, but I suspect I will see it: I thought it was a clever play on a campaign slogan. (It was an email post script tag.)

NObama 08, Keep the Change!

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Brookfield's Convention & Visitors Bureau

city, Town

As most readers know, I live in the Town of Brookfield.  I am about 30 feet from the city line. 

 For about two months, Brookfield's Economic Development Committee has been considering the city's staff proposal to solicit bids for convention and visitor bureau services beyond its existing provider.  These services have been provided by the Brookfield Convention and Visitors Bureau for nearly twenty years.   The bureau is currently autonomous and apparently the mayor and his staff want more control and more accountability from the bureau.

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Baking Cookies at Kathy's House

Summer Service Series

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Gas prices fall and so does interest in small cars

Economy, Energy

According to Wednesday's USA TODAY Money section, the slight fall in gas prices has already influenced the type of car people are looking at.

It seems that now that the heat is off, rising gas prices wise, so is the interest in small cars.

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Paradise Found - Lake Michigan is More than Just a Source of Water

We can talk about water and public policy all we want.  But no policy will be effective until we as citizens - individual by individual and family by family, begin to develop and exercise a RESPECT for this vital and limited resource.  

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I Like the Bronze Fonz!

News, Pop Culture

The statue of the "Bronze Fonz" was unveiled Tuesday.  Here's a link to a short jsonline article.

I don't care what anyone else thinks; I think it's art.  Why?  Because when I look at it, it inspires feelings in me.

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The Calm Before the SJV Festival Storm


All this talk of flash floods and heavy rain over the weekend got me thinking about the last time we experienced extreme weather -- the Saturday afternoon of the SJV Festival.  Here are some pictures from the fest BEFORE the crazy weather broke in: 

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Bone of their Bone and Flesh of Their Flesh - An Update

Over the course of the last twenty years the two governing parties in Washington DC have morphed into a gelatinous political goo.  This goo has subsequently congealed into a dough so homogenous as to render the once proud and distinctive parties all but indistinguishable from one another.  Both are so addicted to the drug of incumbency, and both are so devoted to the god of big government that it is difficult to discern any measurable differences.  I am convinced the only cure for this is term limits, but that is the subject of another column.  

But one of those few remaining criteria is the matter of judicial appointments, and with millions of kids in America returning  to school amidst the heat of a Presidential race, we see a case that reveals the importance of this issue.

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What we did this summer…

city, Elmbrook Historical Society

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer.  Children return to school, and they often have to report on what they did during summer vacations.

Several St. John Vianney students have much to tell. 

They took part in Brookfield’s Fourth of July parade and represented the Elmbrook Historical Society.  This year’s parade theme was “America the Beautiful.”  The children added a tag line “Let’s Keep It That Way.”  Their imaginations led to eco-friendly messages, such as “Keep the Ocean Blue,” “Save Energy,” “Keep the Water Clean,” “Keep the Forest Green,” and “Reduce, Reuse, Recyle.” 

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September/October Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

Mark your calendars and save the dates:  

Parent Information Night, Tuesday, September 9th, 2008,  7:00pm, Church and School

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