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Warped Behavior


Clearly, that is not for me:  I'll never be so twisted.

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A Good Toast Gone Bad


You used to be dependable;  impressive at your job.

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A Fix for the Greying


Look at this greying:  It's drab and it's dreary.

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Olympic Egg On Face, or The Emperor Is Naked

Legislation, President Obama, The media, World News

I can't decide which title is more appropriate for this post. Chicago being eliminated on the first round of voting is horribly embarrassing, considering it was the president who made the pitch to the Olympic committee and presidents usually don't do that sort of thing.

It was bad enough that Obama spent millions of taxpayer dollars to go, but he also spent precious time to make the trip. He is after all the same president who for months said he was too busy to meet with our General McChrystal to discuss Afghanistan war strategy. (Obama did finally squeeze in a 25 minute meeting while en-route to Copenhagen.*)

The most devastating expenditure of Obama's ego-trip to Denmark was his squandering of world political clout. I believe that when a leader sticks his neck out for a cause, it better be an important one. Being rejected right out of the gate was a huge slap in the face.

What is most interesting to me is the reaction of the news media that cannot understand how their darling could have come up empty handed. It reminds me of the story of The Emperor's New Clothes. The media has all been fawning over their Emperor for so long, bolstered by each other and the Democrat Party, they failed to notice he was naked--totally devoid of any real experience or solutions to our many problems.

What I hope will come from this insult is that it will wake up Senate and House Democrats who still support Cap and Trade (Tax) and ObamCare, despite their constituents' opposition. I hope they will realize that it is a little difficult to ride on the Obama-euphoria coattails in the 2010 elections if the president is really naked.

Post Scripts: I don't watch Saturday Night Live, but I did see this clip from the show on Boots and Sabers: SNL Rips on Obama.The T-shirt bit was funny.

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Quiz: Which health insurance provider rejects more claims?

Health care, President Obama, Legislation

Here is a little quiz to start your day: Which mainstream health insurance provider rejects the most claims?

Would it be those evil private insurance companies that President Obama and the Democrats criticize? Or Medicare, the one ObamaCare's public option will be modeled on? The one the AMA* supports?


From BigGovernment, AMA Endorses Largest Denier of Health Care Claims

"Beverly Gossage, Research Fellow for Show-Me Institute and founder of HSA Benefits Consulting wondered which insurance companies rejected the most claims. She found her answer in the AMA’s own 2008 National Health Insurer Report Card. The chart below appears on page 5 of the 16-page report."

Chart from BigGovernment:

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Elmbrook Education Foundation Engages Middle School Students with SMART Response

The Elmbrook Education Foundation has recently announced a commitment to provide a SMART Response system to every math classroom in both Middle Schools in support of the implementation of the District’s new Middle School math curriculum.  The new math curriculum provides additional opportunities for students to develop higher abstract thinking skills. 

SMART Response systems provide real time assessments of student learning.  This assists the teacher in efficiently and effectively differentiating instruction so that every student both understands the material and has a chance to learn something new every day.    

SMART Boards & SMART Response Units

The District's Technology Plan includes the use of SMART Boards and complimentary technologies to more actively engage students in their daily lessons.  Students can interact with the information displayed on the SMART Board in a variety of ways.  SMART Response systems are uniquely designed to engage students in the assessment of their knowledge on a particular subject in a fraction of the time it would take using more conventional methods. 

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"F" is for...Fantastic?


When he received an "F" in school, Grandpa found an angle.

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The Last Days of Homegrown Sweetcorn: Get while gettin' is good

Good food / recipes, WISCONSIN, Weather

Yesterday, I stopped in at Simons, our neighborhood farmstand on Greenfield Ave. and Vista View, for homegrown sweetcorn. Good sweetcorn is one of still remaining treats of summer. (Tomatoes would be another.)

I asked how much longer the sweetcorn season would last. The Simons lady said, through the weekend, maybe a few days longer.

She explained the length of the corn season all depends on when the first hard frost occurs. If we have some clear, cold nights, it will probably freeze, and that will be the end of it. The usual last day for corn is Oct. 16. (Certainly the weather has gone into full autumnal mode--I had to break down and turn the heat on last week!)

Simons has both the bi-colored and hard to find white corn. I bought both. (The white is even more tender than the bi.)

So if you love fresh homegrown sweetcorn like I do, stock up now. Homegrown sweetcorn's days are numbered.

PS: Don't forget one for the pooch! We sometimes call our dog a corn-dog; he loves corn in any shape or form. He isn't alone. The lady at Simons told me their dogs on the farm eat the corn right out of the field. My canine prefers it cooked, with a little butter. ;-)

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Drunk Driving Reform Headed to Senate

Drunk Driving, OWI, Prevention, Repeat Offenders, Senate Judiciary Committee, Sullivan, Victims

I wanted to bring you a brief update on my proposal to reform drunk driving laws in Wisconsin, Senate Bill 66. The Senate Judiciary Committee held an executive session on the amended bill this week, where it passed by a vote of 3 to 2. I expect the bill to be taken up on the Senate floor this month.  

Senate Bill 66 provides a comprehensive approach to a complex problem that has plagued Wisconsin’s residents and roadways for too long. This commonsense bill has three elements: 1) Sanctions for repeat offenders, 2) Prevention, and 3) Treatment.

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Squirreled Away

It's squirreled away in every nook,

Every hollow, every crook.

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Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize vs. Sat. Night Live bit

President Obama, World News

You can't make this stuff up. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!

For what? Even Saturday Night Live skewered him for his lack of accomplishment.

It is not like he hasn't done anything though. With all the bailouts and spending, we now have a deficit that is 10% of our GNP. (That level of indebtedness is considered unsustainable. The dollar is taking a beating; the price of gold has hit record highs.)

If our current deficit doesn't push us over the solvent edge, we have Cap and Trade and ObamaCare waiting in the wings to finish the job.

As for world peace, the president turned a blind eye to the Honduran and Iranian's desire for democracy and fair elections, reneged on missile shield protection for the Czechs and Poles, and is talking about a role for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Analysis: Obama's Nobel honors promise, not action, in some ways, reads much like the script from Saturday Night Live's parody on Obama's accomplishments.

Since the deadline for peace prize applications was February 1st, just 11 days after taking office, I can only surmise that the nominator really believed Obama would solve the world's problems?

As for the peace prize committee actually awarding it to Obama, well, let's just say the president joins other great men such as President Jimmy Carter and Vice President Al Gore as peace prize recipients. The prize is often more about slapping the former president's face than anything.

More reading: Comment: absurd decision Obama makes a mockery of the Nobel peace prize

He won, but for what?


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Too many tomaotes got you in a jam? Try TOMATO JAM!

Good food / recipes, Living well on less $

Sometimes a homegrown tomato supply can be a feast or famine situation; after waiting forever for the first few fruits, they then all ripen at the same time. So, if you have had your fill of BLTs and tomato salads, maybe you would like to try this old fashioned favorite: tomato jam.

Tomato jam is rarely seen on the store shelves. Smucker's used to make it (don't know if they still do.) The only time I ever saw it on a menu was at Le Cellier Steakhouse at the Canada Pavilion at Disney World's EPCOT. It was spread on top of their open faced steak sandwich and it's flavor complimented the beef very nicely.

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Buried Treasures


I'm never sure just what I'll find with treasures large and small.

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Tuesday: Elmbrook School Board to discuss Non-resident students

Elmbrook: nonresident students, Education

Board member Glen Allgaier informed me that the Elmbrook School Board will discuss the results of his and 3 community member's analysis of Chapter 220 and Open Enrollment students in our schools at Tuesday's board meeting. This is a subject that interests me, but unfortunately, I have another commitment that night. If this subject interests you, you may wish to attend.

Along with discussing the costs, financial and otherwise, the board is also to discuss "plans for opening seats for 220 students in the fall of 2010." (Approx 7:30pm ) Agenda

The October 13th meeting begins at 6pm at the Central Administrative Offices


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Colonel Jessep and the SmackDown - Part One

If one pays attention to such things we see the matter of opiate-based prescription drug use by teenagers becoming more and more prevalent, the most recent evidence being a front-page story in the October 8 edition of The MJS.  Heroin is known as "smack" and its use, once almost the exclusive province of rock stars and the glitterati, has been steadily on the rise amongst young people across our State in areas rural, urban, and suburban. 

Last spring I wrote of the tragic overdose of Madison Kiefer - a fifteen year old Whitefish Bay girl.  In a development that can only be described as sickening, we learned that the last adult who had contact with Madison, the last one who might have grasped her hand and pulled her up before she slipped into the murky fog of that final, opiated embrace, was her father.  Her FATHER for heaven's sake.   The man who should have been her greatest source of protection in fact facilitated her behavior.  Such was the world Madison Kiefer all too briefly inhabited.

This is serious stuff, folks.  We are talking about the safety and well-being of the young boys and girls we see every day on Wisconsin Avenue and Pilgrim Parkway; or driving up Lily and Gebhardt roads.  THESE are the young people we are talking about.  Maybe some of those kids are YOUR son or YOUR daughter or YOUR grandchild.  Two of them are mine.   

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How will you shoo the flu? A vaccine or vitamins?

Healthy living, Health care

A friend asked last week, Are you concerned about the H1N1 virus? No, I said.

Will you get the H1N1 vaccine?
NO! I then muttered something about they would have to hog-tie me before I would get it. I believe the vaccine is more dangerous than the actual flu.

She then asked, Are you getting a regular flu shot? I said, No, never have, most likely, never will. Why do you ask, I asked?

I'm not getting them either; I just wanted to make sure I was on the right page!

What makes her questions a little more pertinent is that she is a nurse.

I am just amazed at the flu hype. You see the regular flu shot tables set up at shopping centers and stores. People are worried that they won't be able to get their H1N1 vaccine. (Some health care workers are worried they will have to get it.)

The last time we had the swine flu scare in 1976, people rushed to get the untested vaccine and many ended up with Guillain-Barre Syndrome or French Polio. I didn't get the vaccine then and didn't get the flu either. This time around, Doctors are told to watch for Guillain-Barre again with this Swine flu scare.

So how am I planning on shooing the flu? Vitamin D. Lots of Vitamin D. Somewhere around 5,000 to 6,000 IUs a day of good quality D3 is a good place to start. (Vitamin Shoppe has Carlson brand of D3.) More and more research is showing just how vital vitamin D is in preventing many diseases and conditions. The CDC also stumbled on a link between Vitamin D deficiency and H1N1 deaths.

We Wisconsinites in the north country don't get enough sunlight to make our own Vitamin D. Supplements are the only way to ensure proper levels. My doctor tested my vitamin D levels, but certainly during flu season, increasing vitamin D3 consumption would be helpful for most people. I am not a doctor or nurse so I will just say, check out increasing your vitamin D3 intake for yourself. It might help you shoo more than just the flu.

More reading: N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine
Swine Flu Shot Linked to Killer Nerve Disease
Watch CBS Videos Online


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Nearly $10,000 in NEW Innovation Grants Announced!

Grant Program

The Elmbrook Education Foundation just completed its Fall Grant Cycle.  Innovation grants provide supplementary funding for projects that can not be supported by the District Operating or Building Unit Budgets.  In most cases, the Foundation provides supplementary funding in addition to funds raised by students, curricular departments, and/or PTO's for needed projects. 

The Foundation strives to fund projects that represent an innovation in instructional practices for a particular school.  From there, the Foundation works with the District to share project experiences District-wide with the hope that other schools can benefit from their experiences.  The following grants were recently approved:

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District 7 Informational Meeting, Wed. Oct. 21, 7-9 pm

City of Brookfield

The following email was sent to me by my City of Brookfield Alderpersons, Lisa Mellone and Renee' Lowerr. They will be at City Hall, Wednesday evening, to answer your questions regarding District 7 issues. (District 7 covers the southeast corner of Brookfield.)

Of interest for all City of Brookfield residents, is the public hearing on the proposed city budget on Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 7:45pm in Council Chambers at City Hall.

District 7 Residents,

Reminder: District 7 Informational Meeting this Wednesday, Oct. 21st from 7-9 pm (Open House) in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

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Thank you, Senator Kohl & Senator Feingold, for voting "Nay"

Government / Bureaucracy, Health care, President Obama, Socialism / Marxism, Legislation, United States

I don't often have reason to say, Thank you, to our Wisconsin Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold. But after yesterday's Motion to Invoke Cloture on the Motion to Proceed to S. 1776 failed, I do! Both Kohl and Feingold voted against the Cloture Motion.

In all, 12 Democrats joined all the Senate Republicans in rejecting this ram through tactic. (Check for other naysayers. Of interest to me was now Democrat Arlan Specter voted Yea, Rino Republican Olympia Snowe voted Nay.)

The Heritage Foundation's, A Whole New Health Care Ball Game explains why that failed vote was important. You see, it was the first floor vote test on Obamacare. Up until this point, the votes were just committee votes: (My emphasis throughout)

      "You have to read all the way to page A-25 in today’s New York Times to learn about it, but the Senate took its first floor vote on Obamacare yesterday and the White House lost. Big. The NYT reports: 'Democrats lost a big test vote on health care legislation on Wednesday as the Senate blocked action on a bill to increase Medicare payments to doctors at a cost of $247 billion over 10 years. The Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, needed 60 votes to proceed. He won only 47. And he could not blame Republicans. A dozen Democrats and one independent crossed party lines and voted with Republicans on the 53 to 47 roll call.'

The failure to move forward with S. 1776 (the "Doc Fix"), as presently written, does not mean that the Senators are necessarily against increasing payments to doctors treating Medicare patients. It just means that they did not approve of the tactics of shifting $247 billion from Obamacare Health Care Reform to S. 1776 without any means of paying for it:

      "The Obama administration is trying to add $247 billion in deficit health care spending one week, and then turn around and claim their health care plan is deficit neutral the next. The trickery has come in for some heavy bi-partisan criticism. Sen. Kent Conrad (D-N.D.) said he thought the tactic is a “mistake”, and Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) told Politico: “I am for the fix, but I don’t think we should blow the roof off the deficit — not at a time when we are already running record deficits.”

I will call Senators Kohl 202.224.5653 and Feingold's offices 202.224.5323 and tell them, thanks for voting Nay on the Cloture Motion for S. 1776. I will also ask them to vote Nay on any future Health Care Reform bills that come to the Senate floor. In my opinion, they need to scrap the Baucus bill (and House versions) and go back to the drawing board!

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What do you know?

I have been fostering some puppies recently, and a friend of my husband’s came over and asked me a whole bunch of questions about the dogs, saying that they would be easy to adopt out because they were cute, and puppies. Of course, he is correct.


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