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If Obama is so ahead, why all the ads and mailings?

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Politics

Just a thought...If Obama is indeed such a shoe-in, especially in states like Wisconsin, why all the Obama radio and TV ads and mailings? Why the 30 minute infomercial?

On Mark Levin the other day, he discussed how Obama polled 5% higher during the primary than the actual vote tally. Dick Morris said Thursday night on Sean Hannity that unless Obama is above 48% in the polls, even if he is ahead of McCain, Dick didn't think Obama could win.

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Obama's Auntie Zeituni here illegally, will she vote Obama?

Elections, Illegal immigration, Obama 2008, Politics

Another interesting turn on the road of politics. We just learned that Sen. Barack Obama's Aunt Zeituni lived in a Boston tenement.

Now we learn she isn't an American citizen: Obama has aunt living in US illegally:

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Obama, what? Women register for draft? Civilian National Security Force?

Elections, Obama 2008, Politics, War

Are you ready for this? "If elected president, the Illinois senator would require women to register for the military draft. As commander in chief, he would also consider assigning women to roles in close combat, also know as 'the point of the spear,'" according to World magazine:

"Women are already serving in combat [in Iraq and Afghanistan], and the current policy should be updated to reflect realities on the ground," Obama spokeswoman Wendy Morigi told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Oct. 13. "Barack Obama would consult with military commanders to review the constraints that remain."

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The Presidential Race

The race will be decided on Tuesday, November 4, unless there's some legal contention.

Over the last two years of campaigning, candidates have spent $2.4 billion dollars.  Obama and McCain together spent about $1.2 billion dollars. Their campaign funding strategies have differed.  Obama raised private funds, which are seemingly limitless. McCain accepted campaign financing funds and is restricted by them.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger-OK, Howard Dean-OK, Sarah Palin - NOT OK?

Elections, McCain 2008, Politics, Truth

It amazes me that the question is still out there: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be Vice President or God forbid, President? Considering Senator Barack Obama has so little experience and such questionable ideas and connections, the question is laughable.

In the race for the White House, Governors traditionally are hands down the favorite against Senators or Congressmen. Since Governors must prepare a budget, run their state, and are commanders of their National Guard, it is thought that their executive experience translates more completely to the presidency than experience in other branches of government.

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Teflon, Velcro, and Teflon II of presidential politics

Obama 2008, Politics, Socialism / Marxism, The media, Truth

President Bill Clinton was known as the Teflon president. No accusations or even cold, hard facts stuck. Monica Lewinsky was not a fabrication of a vast right-wing conspiracy as Hillary claimed. No, Monica was real. She was an intern with whom the President committed unprecedented indiscretions with right in the Oval Office. But it did not stick. He was Teflon.

President Bush on the other hand, according to the left, is responsible for all the ills of the world. No matter that he has kept us safe for 7 years, he is the fall guy for every ill there is: Hurricane Katrina, the housing crisis, global get the idea. He isn't responsible for it, but he is Velcro--everything sticks.

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Other ballot questions


Germantown voters believe their new school won't cost anything?

Indian guy running for Wassermans seat, came with $5

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Forget the Bradley effect, what about the Bush effect?

Conservatives, Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Politics

I've been wondering about this for some time. Are some independents reluctant to voice support for John McCain because they don't want to take flack for supporting the Republicans? Democrats have incessantly talked against George Bush during this election cycle, as if they are running against him, even though George isn't running.

Amongst African Americans, I think there is a Bradley effect. Remember J.T. Harris telling McCain that he was taking a ...whipping for supporting McCain? J.T. continues to feel the heat.

The Investor's Business Daily poll isn't as hopeful for McCain today as it looked yesterday, but Obama still isn't 5% points ahead of McCain or above 50%. There are still 9.5% not sure. Are they really not sure or are they just not saying?

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Obama, Are you for or against Same-Sex Marriage? Yes

Culture, Elections, Homosexual agenda, Obama 2008, Politics, Religion

Obama's I'm against same-sex marriage but against ending it's practice via California's Proposition 8 rings about as true as Wisconsin State Senator Jim Sullivan saying, he is for Voter ID but not for a state constitutional amendment referendum question requiring Voter ID. It's doublespeak for I don't want the current situation to change, but don't want to be on the record as saying so.

Obama Says He is Against Same-Sex Marriage But Also Against Ending Its Practice In Calif.:

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Why do foreigners value America's freedoms while many in U.S. don't?

Culture, Elections, Entrepreneurship, Obama 2008, WISCONSIN

We are all growing weary of the campaign ads, but there is one ad I love to hear. It is Yash Wadhwa's radio ad for Wisconsin's 22nd Assembly district.

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"Choose this day whom you will serve"

Culture, Elections, Homosexual agenda, McCain 2008, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Religion

Well, today is the day. The day we go vote for president and our other government representatives*. How will you choose which one?

Will your choice be based on what the candidate promises to give and do for you? Or will the candidate's platform and character influence your choice?

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Obama, are you for or against Partial Birth Abortion? Yes

Elections, McCain 2008, Obama 2008, Pro Life / Pro Abortion, Truth

At the last debate, John McCain stated his strong opposition to the horrible procedure, Partial Birth Abortion. Barack Obama, knowing his pro-abortion stance at the Saddleback Forum hurt him, must have decided that in a national venue such as a televised debate, he could not publicly support Partial Birth Abortion. So Obama said he was "completely supportive of a ban on late-term abortions, partial-birth or otherwise, as long as there's an exception for the mother's health and life..." 


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Bluemound Road Construction

Bluemound, city, Town, traffic

Well, I lost count of the weeks of the construction along Bluemound Road.  In mid-June, I summarized activities of week one.The three one-mile segments of construction between Moorland and Barker Road were to have each taken three months.

It's now November, and the orange barrels are catching snowflakes.  The DOT has improved the flow of traffic along Bluemound Road.  Traffic can more easily travel at 45 mph.  Many medians were closed.  Crossing over to a business or retail shop on our "Bluemound Corridor" is more difficult.  For example, when traveling east on Bluemound,  I can make a left turn into my bank.  When I leave the bank, I need to turn right (west).  Luckily there are strip malls along the way for turning around and getting back to 18 Eastbound.  Of course, one could always make a U-turn at the stop lights.

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Recording a CD for a Good Cause!


Written by Lisa Greco  

Is it too early to be thinking about the holidays?  Not if you are the St. John Vianney/St Dominic Grade School Jazz Band or Strings!  These two groups were honored recently by being asked to be involved in the Agape Community Center's innovative music CD with holiday hits.

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Upcoming December Events

Upcoming events

Posted by Kelly Feng  

Secret Santa Workshop, Friday, December 12, 2008, 9:00 - 2:30 pm, Hallway outside the Activity Center

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Happy Thanksgiving Senior Citizens

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Twentieth Annual Brookfield Central High School Thanksgiving Dinner for Senior Citizens. 

The Student Council gets the credit for underwriting the cost and staffing the event.  The planning was handled by Shirley Smanski and Su Edington, with assistance from Principal Don LaBonte, and Associate Principals Natalie Collins and Jim Darin.  Students staffed the parking lot to assist residents who needed it, and to ensure they were comfortably and swiftly seated.  They also waited in attendance on them, bringing them coffee, water, dessert, or anything else they might have desired.  It was clear that both youth and seniors enjoyed each other's company.

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As Winston Churchill Said...


Winston Churchill is said to have defined the history of humanity as "one damn thing after another".  Lately, I've felt that A WHOLE LOT of humanity has been happening at my house.  Hence, the absence from the blog list these past few weeks.

But of all the things that have gone down -- ear tube/adenoid surgery for the younger daughter, jaw surgery for the older daughter, projectile emissions from both ends of the cat that have resulted in astronomical vet bills -- the one thing that really left me irritated was the dastardly deed that befell The Spouse.  No one was hurt, but property was taken. 

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What Would Napoleon Have Told the Auto Companies?

The French Revolution occurred in 1789, but remains one of the most profoundly impactful events of the last one-thousand years.  Forged from that crucible of upheaval and social strife, Napoleon was the political child of that event, and more than any one individual, wrote the history of the 19th Century.  All of history's immortal commanders have been men of genius, and he was no exception.  His audacious strategies, brilliant combinations, and on field leadership make his campaigns the object of study in military academies to this day. 


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Winter Break Golf School

Golf School

Posted by Kelly Feng  

In preparation for the inaugural 2009 Quad Parish Golf League, St. John Vianney will be offering an indoor golf school over Christmas break.  The purpose of the school is to create interest and introduce golf to the students. Classes will be taught by grades (1-2, 3-4-5, and 6-7-8) and each class will last 1 hour and 30 minutes. Eddie Teresa, Golf Professional at North Hills Country Club and Paul Mindel, owner of National Golf Center and golf professional, will conduct the 3 day school. The golf school will be held on December 29 and 30 and January 2 at St. John Vianney's cafeteria.

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Once Upon a Time in America - The Foundations of Thanksgiving

The Holiday we know as Thanksgiving has two foundations in our nation's history.

The first lies in the autumn of 1621.  The people we know as the Pilgrims gathered to give thanks for having survived their first winter in North America, and for the liberties they enjoyed upon coming to this continent. 

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