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Some Things are so Simple They're Difficult

Some things are so simple that they become difficult.

Since the 1967 Arab/Israeli War, U.S. Presidents of both parties have been pursuing the "peace process" in the Middle East. It has become so obligatory that the actual pursuit of PEACE has become secondary.  As long as the "process" is engaged, that's all that really seems to matter.

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Let's Be Careful Out There

Fluff, For Laughs

This blog is as fluffy as the snow that is currently coming down. 

Despite the dire winter storm warnings from the weather people (and is 3-5 inches really that bad?), I decided to go to the mall today because the spouse actually agreed to take the preschooler to dance class this morning, a task he generally avoids because of "all the women."  (In his defense, 99% of the time, it is the moms who are waiting.  Sometimes, it is almost like a mom therapy group.)

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Out of touch

city, school board

Property tax bills will be arriving in the next two weeks.  It's something to look forward to -- and a gift from our taxing authorities.

Remember, municipalities, county government, school board and vocational schools all share a bit of the pie. Because property assessments are generally increasing, it's an even larger bite. The full impact is softened by the state tax credit.  Broadly speaking, each taxing entity raised their budgets about 3% or more.  The Town of Brookfield decided not to its increase their tax rate (not budget).

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Random Thoughts on a Frigid Day

Fluff, Stores

...while driving today... 


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4K discussion reveals disturbing trend

4-K, Education, Elmbrook, Family, Homeschooling

I know many parents of 4 year olds and preschoolers are upset that the Elmbrook School District failed to implement a permanent 4K program. I do believe the parents who communicated with the board were sincere in their enthusiasm for the program.

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School Board Elections

I have been blogging for over a year now, and with one exception, I have not ostensibly addressed specific issues before the School Board; a policy I plan to continue for many reasons.  But I do want to use this page for what I consider to be a public service announcement related to the political process in general and the School Board in particular. 

In April of next year this community will elect three people to the position of School Board member.  The Seat currently held by Patrick Murphy is up for election, and Patrick has announced his intention to seek another term.  His seat is an At-Large position, which means anyone who is eighteen years of age and living within the confines of the School DIstrict of Elmbrook can seek this office.

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My dog got mail!

Entrepreneurship, Family, Holidays

My dog just received a Christmas card! He is a popular dog with our local dog sitter. (She was kind enough to also include us.)

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First snow day, ever!

Just for fun!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful,

But to some, it's so delightful.

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Hey Sendik's, where's the Red Kettle?

Charity, Holidays

Want a Red Kettle? Try the Pick 'n Save(See schedule below)

I used to shop at the Elm Grove Sentry store quite a bit--it was an easy place to run into to pick up a few items. Their prices and quality suited me and they had some items that the local Pick 'n Save did not.

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Maximus Meridius, Jerry Springer, and Mick Jagger

Over the Thanksgiving break I used some of my extra time to watch a few movies and work out.  One of the movies was Gladiator, Ridley Scott's classic tale of Imperial Rome, and of one man's journey of duty, honor and love.

During one of my workouts a TV at our health club aired the Jerry Springer Show.  I was listening to music, and so was mercifully spared the audio portion.  But there was no escaping the visual heartbreak of what Springer parades before America every week.

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A Pressing Breakfast Question

Fluff, restaurants

Is it "Belgian" waffle or "Belgium" waffle?

This is a question that my spouse and I have have talked about before, most recently at dinner tonight.

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How Kids Play Today

In October I wrote a blog on the conection between childhood obesity and technology - see


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All I want for Christmas is a border fence--act now

Illegal immigration

(This is just a quick post--I am in the midst of cookie baking.)

Remember when our legislators passed the Border Fence bill and we were all so relieved the US was finally going to do something about the open border?

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T-4 Days and Counting...

Children, Fluff

Are you ready yet?  I'm not.  Although I promise myself every year that I will start earlier, I still find myself scrambling at the last minute to decorate, shop, etc.  My tree is up and decorated, but that's about it.  The stockings have not yet been hung by the chimney with care (luckily St. Nick came to my daughter's school), and the few presents that have been bought are still waiting to be de-tagged and wrapped.  As for outdoor lights, the snow and ice storms made that decision for us.

My friend, whose household is in a similar state, tried to put a positive spin on it:  Our houses are brimming with "Christmas potential." 

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energy bill

phase out of incandescent light bulbs. seemed like a good ieda at the time. Bleeding, leaches, cupping, purging also seemed good. 4 or 5 scientists now say global warming is bunk. Its not easy going green

Expensive corn price, polution mercury, lead paint seemed good too. 

Tiny Tim

We live in an age where the classics of literature are disappearing from academia, our libraries, and our collective consciousness.  But that's the subject of some other blog.

Thankfully A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens' timeless tale of renewal, still enjoys a strong place on our cultural radar screen, particularly of course at this time of year.  After more than one hundred and sixty years it speaks with a simple clarity that we can see and hear TODAY.  The characters of Scrooge, Cratchit, Marley, Fezziweg, and others come to life as they tell us the stories and sing us the songs of Dickens' 19th Century England.

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More blessed to give than receive, so stop shopping

Marth Stewart clip about giving 

A Holiday Tradition

Holidays, Spartan Memories

The holiday season is filled with traditions.  I'd like to share with you a favorite tradition of mine.  (If you'd like to share one of your holiday traditions, feel free to use the comment feature.)

When I was in high school at Brookfield East many moons ago (or perhaps even earlier at Burleigh Junior High -- we're not quite sure), a group of us decided to throw a holiday progressive party.   More than twenty years later, although the character of the party has changed and the number of attendees has dropped, we are still going strong.  I hosted it this past weekend.

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The Abolition of Consequence

What history knows as the Abolitionist Movement began with the life of a courageous 18th Century Parliamentarian named William Wilberforce, who dedicated his life and health to abolishing England's traffic in the slave trade.  In the 1850's a group of Americans continued his work and were known as the Abolitionists.

Abolitionists still exist in America today.  They reside in Washington DC and are found in both political parties.  Today of course their enemy is not slavery.  Instead the Beltway leadership is dedicated to the abolition of a new enemy.

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Time magazine recently named Vladimir Putin its Person of the Year for 2007.  The self-described "inventor of the Internet" was their choice as Runner-Up.  

A former KGB apparatchik who "made his bones" in the heyday of the Cold War, Putin is personally responsible for the torture and murder of countless innocents.  Propped up and maintained by the rocketing price of Russian oil, he is sadly and inexorably leading his country back to its autocratic past.   

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