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Penzeys spice & herb shop now in Brookfield Fashion Center

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Palin campaigns for chamblis in runoff

2012, Elections, Politics Palin Rallies Georgia's Base, Early Black Turn out Low

“We all have Georgia on our mind,” declared governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as she kicked off an early morning Dec. 1 rally in Augusta, Georgia, on behalf of first-term incumbent U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

It was the first of four rallies yesterday, each featuring thousands of cheering crowds brandishing “Palin 2012” shirts and buttons -- along with, of course, Chambliss signs. (My favorite anti-Barack Obama sign read: “Keep the change.”)

The Alaska governor was firing up the faithful to hold a critical GOP seat since Georgia is the only state that mandates an election runoff if a Senate candidate doesn’t receive 50 percent-plus-one of the popular vote. Palin was also countering earlier appearances on behalf of Democratic candidate Jim Martin by several liberal “big guns” led by former President Bill Clinton and Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.

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Water of Pearl

Sixty-seven years ago this Sunday, America was signifcantly and forever changed.

The ancient Hawaiians called Pearl Harbor "Wai Momi", which literally translated, means "Water of Pearl".  On December 7, 1941, the Empire of Japan attacked the United States Naval installations located there. 

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Sanitizing US Capitol of America's religious roots

Constitution, Religion, Truth, United States


Religious Hostility on Display at U.S. Capitol

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A Bailout By Any Other Name Is Still a Bailout


On the news this morning, I heard that governors are now asking for money. I didn't hear the entire story, but the new phrase they used had me shaking my head.

What did they call their plea for money?

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Holiday hate speech

Conservatives, Holidays, Religion, Truth, WISCONSIN


"At this season of the Winter Solstice may reason prevail.  There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell.  There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

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Georgia & Minnesota on my filibuster proof Senate majority

2012, Conservatives, Elections, Politics

Phew! If you have been watching these state's Senate races, you know that the Senate's filibuster proof Democratic majority  hung in the balance. But Senator Saxby Chamblis easily won reelection yesterday in that Georgia runoff, 57% to 43%. So the Democrats won't get their 60 seat majority.

The Minnesota Senate race between Republican Norm Coleman and Democrat Al Franken "now remains the only unresolved Senate contest in the country."

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Madison's "Censored" Tree

Common sense, Government / Bureaucracy, Holidays, Religion, Truth, WISCONSIN

Last year, the State Assembly had to fight to get the Capitol Christmas tree called just that, a CHRISTMAS tree. In our culture, if it were not for Christmas, whether you celebrate it as religious holiday or secular, why else would you cut down a tree and bring it indoors?

This year? We are again calling that indoor tree something other than what it is. This year, it is The CAPITOL tree:

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New segment of Greenway Corridor at Mary Knoll Park

City of Brookfield, Just for fun!, TAXES

If you use Sunnyslope Road, you may have noticed some construction going on in the woods south of Mary Knoll Park at Kinsey Park Drive.

This is the latest section of the Greenway Corridor Recreational Trail. According to Bill Kolstad, Brookfield's Director of Parks, Recreation and Forestry, the 8 foot wide paved trail segment measures about 3,350 feet in length. There is also 480 feet of 6' wide pavement.

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Ludwig von and The Chairman

Readers of this column know I love music, and last weekend I had a chance to listen to some I had not heard in years.  I played a wide offering but two stood out - some Sinatra, and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.  It got me thinking about both artists.

Sinatra was an enormous talent, and the first real mega-star of the modern entertainment era.  He came of age in the big band era and grew into a living legend.  His personality, charisma, and ego were legendary, and the combination of his wealth and celebrity gave him real power.  As he exercised that power he was given the nickname he relished, "The Chairman of the Board".  Long rumored as having ties to Mafioso, many claimed he was the model for singer Johnny Fontaine in Mario Puzo's novel, The Godfather.  He was also an actor of considerable talent, winning an Oscar for the role of Angelo Maggio in From Here to Eternity, and delivering strong performances in dozens of other films.  You know someone is a pop-culture icon when they become the object of repeated caricature on Saturday Night Live.  SNL comedians Joe Piscipo and Phil Hartman mimmicked him over the years, displaying some of the most brilliant and hilarious impersonation work I have ever seen. 

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Holiday hate speech at State Capitol

Constitution, Culture, Ethics, Government / Bureaucracy, Holidays, Religion, Slipping fast!, Truth, WISCONSIN

Our state capitol in Madison has a Christmas tree (I am using last year's term), a menorah for Hanukkah, and I think something for Kwanza too. I am fine with that. They are holidays celebrated in December by people of various religions and cultures in our state.

Last year I heard they also included a Winter Solstice plaque. They have it this year too.

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Global warming -"Is the cure worse than the disease?"

Conservatives, Environment, Going Green, Unintended consequences 

A new documentary aimed at exposing the true cost behind the "global warming" hysteria is coming to theaters in 2009.

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Making a list, checking it twice...City Clerk checks voter registrations

City of Brookfield, Elections, Voter fraud


Tom Wacker rings Red Kettle Salvation Army bell again at Pick 'n Save

Charity, Helping others, Holidays

Tis the season! The  Salvation Army Red Kettles are out and about in shopping malls and in front of local businesses.

This year, the Bluemound Pick 'n Save in the Brownstones shopping mall is again allowing the Salvation Army bell ringers to collect donations in front of their store. Thank you, Pick 'n Save! (The Red Kettle is located outside at the east entrance.)

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Seasonal blues

city, traffic

It seems that Thanksgiving came and went quickly this year.  The day of giving thanks with our family and friends has been usurped by Black Friday, Cyber Monday and retailers (merchants) worried about their bottom lines.

I did try to help the economy on Black Brookfield Square.  I circled the parking area near Boston Store, Traffic moved slowly, when it did move.  Cars wanting to try the next aisle were stymied by vehicles trying to leave the shopping center. It took more than fifteen minutes to find a parking space. The new stores and restaurants near Boston Store have dramatically impinged on available parking space.  I wished that the city of Brookfield Planners who are encouraging the "in-fill" at the shopping center were trying to park there.

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Younger Next Year - Health Care Without a Doctor

I have an excellent, inexpensive, and potentially life-changing suggestion for that "tough to buy for" person on your Christmas list.  It is the book Younger Next Year - A Guide to Living Like 50 Into Your Eighties, by Chris Crowley and Dr. Harry Lodge.  While an excellent read for any age, it is specifically targeted towards people my age and above.


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Quad Parish Christmas/New Year's Mass Schedule

Posted by Kelly Feng  

Advent, Christmas, and New Year's Day 2008-2009

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Christmas Music and Tiny Tim

One of my favorite things about the Christmas Season is the music.  I break Christmas music into two categories:  hymns (spiritual in nature and content) and songs or carols (secular in nature).

My favorite hymn is Oh Holy Night, with its beautiful ascent and simple, clear telling of the Gospel story.  One of my favorite carols is Silver Bells, first sung by Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell in the 1951 movie, The Lemon Drop Kid. 

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Jingle This

Family, Fluff, For Laughs, Holidays

Are you ready for Christmas?  I'm not.  Here's little ditty that explains part of the reason why...


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Brookfield's Flowing Stream

Mark Twain once observed that, "the man who does not read holds little advantage over the man who cannot read".  Despite current levels of literacy that would surely astound the great American author, today I think Twain might have said something like, "the man who does not read worthwhile material holds little advantage over the man who does not read anything".

Over Christmas break I read a worthwhile book which I recommend for two reasons:  it is very well written, and its tale is one of great value; an all but vanishing combination in contemporary American publishing.  There are many reasons for this, but two primary ones, I think.  First, many contemporary stories lack meaningful content or value - the literary equivalent of empty calories.  Secondly, while many modern stories may be worthwhile, much of the writing is so vacuous and shoddy as to end up be-fouling the very tale it is trying to tell.   

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