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EBHS Unleashed

Staff and volunteers of the Elmbrook Humane Society will be blogging about what's going on at the society, as well as other observations about life in Wisconsin.

The mission of the Elmbrook Humane Society is to promote the human-animal bond through adoption and education, to provide shelter to homeless animals, and to prevent animal cruelty and neglect. EBHS services the city of Brookfield, the villages of Butler, Chenequa, Elm Grove and Nashotah, and the towns of Brookfield and Delafield. EBHS shelters unwanted pets and strays, and rescues injured domestic animals and wildlife, provides resources for individuals with companion animals and provides Humane Education to schools and civic groups.

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Come see us at Petsmart

Petsmart, Elmbrook Humane Society

One of my favorite things to do is take dogs from the Elmbrook Humane Society to PetSmart in Brookfield. Adoptable dogs are at the store from 6 p.m. - 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Saturdays (new dogs come at 1 p.m.). It's a great field trip for the dogs, who welcome the chance for a car ride, attention from lots of people, and the opportunity to meet other friendly dogs in the store. It gives them a break from the kennel at the shelter and provides lots of time to practice good dog and people social skills with a friendly volunteer. The Elmbrook station and dogs are located at the front of the store, so there's usually plenty of action with people coming in, checking out, and browsing through the merchandise that's near us. Once the dogs figure out that we're not going out the door even though it keeps opening in front of us, we're ready to say hi to anyone who comes in! Some people are dog lovers who can't have a dog for various reasons -- not home enough, not allowed by a landlord, family member's allergies -- but need to get their "dog fix." Some are people who came to do their shopping but were captivated by the dogs we brought and just had to come over and say hi. Still others are people who are actively looking for a dog to adopt. The great news for these people is that if they see a dog that they want to adopt, they can fill out the application right there at PetSmart and have it faxed over to the shelter. Because applications are evaluated in the order they are received, this saves their spot in line if other people are also applying to adopt the dog. They have an hour to either call the shelter or stop by to follow up on their application and find out what the next steps are. I love this chance to chat with fellow dog lovers about the adoptable dog and learn about the dogs in their lives. We get caught up talking about the canines who've captured our hearts -- and the dog who's available for adoption loves the chance to soak up some petting, meet some new dogs, and show off any commands he or she knows. So come see us at PetSmart! We'll be waiting for you.

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